The Daily Kingfish is a news, analysis and action website dedicated to building a progressive governing majority right here in Louisiana.

Lamar Parmentel is the curator-in-chief of the Daily Kingfish. He holds court in smoke-filled rooms, always regaling the assembled with a story or two from the political battlefields. His shadowy connections to the Progressive underground offer insight into the rough-and-tumble world of Democratic politics in Louisiana. Parmentel is a certified candidate-whisperer, a TV impresario and a stone-cold rumor monger. From an early age, Parementel was trained in the black arts of meme-manipulation, misdirection, and narrative sabotage.

Ryan is the founder and former publisher of The Daily Kingfish. As a veteran campaign operative, Ryan has spent most of his adult life working on political campaigns across the nation – Jeff Klein for State Senate in New York; Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate in Connecticut; and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s IE campaigns in support of Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin in South Dakota and Congressman Charlie Melancon in Louisiana. Prior to his work on the campaign trail, he completed a stint with Teach For America in South Louisiana, and AmeriCorps*NCCC in Denver, CO. He received his B.A. from Providence College, and his J.D. and D.C.L. from LSU Law. He most recently returned to his native state of New York where he passed the bar exam and re-entered the political operations world on a full-time basis.

Bucktown Pirate resides on a houseboat somewhere beyond the 12-mile limit, is a world champion crawfish peeler and an ace shot with a properly-weighted Sig-Sauer 250 in .45GAP caliber. The pirate is also a known heavy sharp on most off-shore sports books.


You can reach us at thedailykingfish(at)gmail.com with your questions, comments, or tips. Or tweet us at @dailykingfish.

DISCLAIMER – Please read! The articles, opinions, comments, and any other statements (collectively “statements”) appearing on this website are attributable only to the respective authors of such statements and not to DailyKingfish.com, its publisher(s) or site administrator(s). All comments and any other statements submitted by third parties to DailyKingfish.com are subject to moderation or deletion at the sole discretion of the website publisher(s). Email contact(at)dailykingfish.com with questions or for additional information.

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    How do I join the commentator team ?


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