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Deadbeat Jindal Leaves Louisiana Taxpayers With $1 Billion Budget Hole

Next year, as the magnolias come to bloom, Bobby Jindal will take his last lap of the Louisiana Legislature. Yes, the term-limited, part-time Governor will be busily boxing up the mansion in 2015. But while the luggage tags and boarding passes might be swept into the garbage can, the Governor’s budget mess will stick with taxpayers for years to come.

According to fiscal experts in the Legislative Fiscal Office, Jindal will leave Louisiana taxpayers with a massive $982.5 million budget chasm for the FY15-16 year (next year):

Legislators are especially concerned about a line in a report by the Legislative Fiscal Office. The office — staffed by financial experts — looked at the governor’s budget and concluded that “$982.5 (million) may require another source of revenue in FY 16.” In other words, nearly $1 billion in fiscal obligations could need a new funding source in a year’s time.

“It looks like all we’re doing is kicking the can down the road, and now it looks like the can might be getting bigger,” said state Rep. Eddie Lambert, R-Prairieville.

Let’s ignore this ridiculous sham of Jindal claiming to be a fiscal conservative. Let’s be clear: you can not be a fiscal conservative if you cannot balance a budget on year-to-year funds. Stop-gap funding measures are the essence of irresponsibility. It’s paying the credit card with another credit card. Irresponsible. 

But this is typical of Jindal’s callous disregard for Louisiana. He does not care about the state, at least when it comes to things that don’t advance his own career. He is ruthlessly disrespectful to the people of this state. And we’ll only know the full damage when he’s gone.

What McAllister Should Say

“I’ll resign when every Louisiana politician that has admitted an extra-marital affair does the same.”

Smoke ‘em if ya’ got ‘em, suckers.

Mic drop. Automatic pimp status.

It don’t matter if the dali-fucking-lama asks this sucker to resign. Every time those hypocritical suckers at LAGOP open their mouth, ole Vance should get medieval on their ass.

Oh, me resign? How about David “diaper boy” Vitter, your fucking candidate for GOVERNOR be asked to resign first, motherfuckers.

Holla at ya boy.


Lots of speculation, opinions about McAllister’s lip-locking; here are a few of our thoughts, ideas and conspiracy theories

Lamar Parmentel:

More on Vance

Originally posted on Louisiana Voice:

Without belaboring the obvious, several things are simultaneously clear—and puzzling—about the sordid little spittle-swapping episode involving Fifth District Congressman Vance McAllister and his married aide Melissa Peacock, wife of one of McAllister’s erstwhile close friends:
  • Elected on Nov. 16 and sworn in on Nov. 21, it took him only a month and two days—Dec. 23—to get busted in his own office by his own security camera. That has to eclipse any record for infidelity by U.S. Sen. David Vitter and shows that McAllister is dumber than a duck.
  • While some deep smooching doesn’t begin to compare to Vitter’s pillow talk with prostitutes, McAllister has pretty much been deep-sixed in his re-election bid while Vitter somehow remains the odds-on favorite to become Louisiana’s next governor. Vitter’s romps were in the abstract, only written about, while McAllister’s indiscretion was caught on video for all to see in its fuzzy, grainy quality—which only…

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Why The Real Scandal Isn’t Congressman Vance McAllister’s Philandering

Originally posted on CenLamar:

Today, the nation learned that freshman Congressman Vance McAllister (R- Duck Dynasty) is, in fact, a quack. Last November, McAllister stunned the Louisiana political commentariat and soundly defeated State Senator Neil Riser, a victory that many attribute to the support he received from Phil and Willie Robertson from the hit reality television show “Duck Dynasty.” McAllister, who ran on a family values platform, emphasizing his Christian faith and his disdain for Washington politicians, was caught, on camera, cheating on his wife with one of his staffers, a woman named Melissa Peacock.

Mrs. Peacock and her husband Heath were close friends of the McAllister family and major donors to his campaign. Recently, according to my sources, both the Congressman and his wife posted comments on Mrs. Peacock’s Facebook account, which has now been deleted.

Melissa Peacock, Source: Facebook

Melissa Peacock, Source: Facebook

At first blush, this may seem like yet another story about a hypocritical politician, and…

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Statutory Rape: How Big Oil Gets Away With Destroying Louisiana’s Coast (Part One)

Originally posted on CenLamar:

On September 27, 2007, Congressman Bobby Jindal walked under the rotunda of Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, an impressive gothic building that could easily be mistaken for a cathedral, perched on a bluff in downtown Baton Rouge with sweeping views of the Mississippi River. Congressman Jindal, then only 36 years old, was auditioning for the same role he lost out on in 2003, but this time, he was fully prepared. This time, he wasn’t just armed with talking points; he cited detailed, extensive position papers on just about everything he could think of: Education, health care, coastal restoration, crime prevention, government waste, and his personal favorite, ethics reform. 

Jindal shared the stage with three other men also seeking to take over Huey P. Long’s old job: John Georges, a wealthy entrepreneur from New Orleans who made a bulk of his fortune in video poker; Walter Boasso, a successful Cajun businessman and State…

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On Common Core: Jindal Swings Both Ways


Jindal was in favor of Common Core when Louisiana implemented it in 2010


“…but the governor now has concerns about the standards. After months of being circumspect about the issue, he quietly supported two bills that would have stalled or dismantled Common Core in Louisiana when the Legislature considered the proposals Wednesday.”

Happy weekend!


Senate Education Chairman Appel purchases Discovery stock week before company enters into state Textbook agreement

Lamar Parmentel:

Bobby Jindal’s Education stooge takes hot, insider stock tip on textbook firm, prior to public announcement of State contract award.

Originally posted on Louisiana Voice:

On Dec. 7, 2010, Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, announced that Louisiana and Indiana had joined Oregon in adopting the Discovery Education Science Techbook as a digital core instructional resource for elementary and middle school science instruction.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed researcher, Sissy West, who writes a blog opposing the Common Core curriculum, we have learned that on Nov. 30, seven days before the deal between the state and Discovery Education was made public, State Sen. Conrad Appel (R-Metairie) purchased Discovery Communications stock, according to financial disclosure records filed with the State Ethics Board.

Appel is a major proponent of education reform in Louisiana, including the controversial Common Core curriculum.

He also is Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and was in a unique position to know not only of the pending deal between Discovery Education and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) as well…

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Cassidy To Big Oil: Uninsured Louisianians “Less Sophisticated…Illiterate”

GOPsencassidy1Dr. Bill Cassidy had a fun talk the other day with Louisiana Big Oil in which he had a little 47% moment of clarity among the Grand Old Plutocrats. In a private meeting with Louisiana Oil and Gas, Cassidy let slip some of those things that people often call gaffes, but are really just politicians telling their truth.

Cassidy thinks that, hell all those mullets don’t have health insurance cause they’re too dumb!

Speaking about his health care plan, Cassidy, who is also a physician, said it “actually reflects the reality of who the uninsured are: relatively less sophisticated, less comfortable with forms, less educated.”

And also, Barack Obama, a man who worked with those in poverty for years:

Cassidy also said of President Obama, “you wonder if he ever worked with a poor person” and called some uninsured “illiterate,” which he said he was saying “in compassion.”

09d6b-billcassidy-la-representativeobamacareobamacarerepealbodylanguagenonverbalcommunicationdrjackbrownexpertkeynotespeakerlasvegaslosangelesorlandovoirdirejuryselectionCassidy’s whole soliloquy here:

“We were fortunate growing up in the south. The president is a community organizer. You wonder if he ever worked with a poor person…Insurance people they will tell you that they will go to a company and an employer will pay for everything, and there are some people who will not sign up. Turns out, those are my patients. They’re illiterate. I’m not saying that to be mean. I say that in compassion. They cannot read. The idea they’re going to go on the internet and work through a 16-page document to put in their data and sign up does not reflect on understanding of who is having the hardest time in our economy.”


Patriotism Measured By The Dollar

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Sinator David Vitter has nominated the Koch brothers as “most patriotic Americans ever.” A regular pair of George Washingtons, the Koch’s are basically waging war against Democrats all over the country, literally pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into “social welfare” and other IRS-protected groups which in turn air false and misleading ads. You can watch Vitter sing their praises here:

We’ll be carving the Kochs into Mt. Rushmore any day now, we assure you. 

In a related, but somewhat separate note, David Vitter’s SuperPac (on which we’ve reported before) has gotten itself in a little hot water. In an attempt to roll out the red carpet for Vitter’s gubernatorial bid, VitterPAC has been challenging the Louisiana PAC contribution limit of $100,000 per entity as “unconstitutional” (CAUSE FREEDOM). Now, the PAC may have pushed too far:

Questions are surfacing about the operations of a super PAC formed by backers of U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La.

Two groups that advocate for campaign finance reform recently asked the Federal Elections Commission to look into the possible solicitation of illegal campaign contributions.

The groups are Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21. The complaint deals with The Fund for Louisiana’s Future, which was formed by Charles Spies, a lawyer from Washington, D.C. The fund is helping Vitter run for governor next year or a re-election bid or both.

Violating campaign laws even BEFORE you begin the campaign in earnest? That’s impressive, even for the Sinator and his pals.


He’sssss baccckkkkkkkkkkk…..

Putting aside the should he, shouldn’t he aspects of this election, the key point is: He. Can. Not. Win.

This is not 1991. Garrett Graves is not David Duke (we think). (Maybe Graves is Buddy Roemer).

But there’s no David Duke in the GOP field that’ll allow Edwin the win the “moderate” middle and carry him into a “vote for the crook, it’s important,” style situation.

Ain’t going to happen in 2014.

Louisiana CD6 is one of the country’s most Republican districts. In fact it is the 21st MOST Republican district (out of 435 districts nationwide). See the Cook PVI here (R+24 for the link-averse). Only Steve Scalise’s Putin-esque R+26 is more Republican in Louisiana. Willard “Mitt” Romney won LA06 66%-32%. You’re welcome.

Edwin Edwards is not 15 points more “moderate” than Barack Obama, let alone 30, even if he is 15 shades whiter (not saying Louisiana Republicans oppose Obama because he is black, but mostly because BENGHAZI!!!!!! no doubt).

LA06 is 71% white. Let’s pretend that Edwin wins his customary share of African-American vote (at least 90%). He’d be well-positioned to make the run-off (although the district votes even WHITER than registration). Some older whites like him, and there’s a ton of nostaligia amongst some who remember the good-ole-times of the Edwards hayrides. But, our guess is those voters are basically a rump of their former self, mostly having defected to the GOP at this point. Hence, whatever he drags with him into the runoff will be his last stand.

A Republican will win this in the fall. Which would have changed exactly zero things than if EWE hadn’t run in the first place. 


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