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‘Double Bill’ Cassidy’s Direct Supervisor at LSU Stopped Supervising Him in 2009

Lamar Parmentel:

Scandal flames a-flying

Originally posted on CenLamar:

Questions about the nature and the extent of Congressman Bill Cassidy’s unusual work relationship with Louisiana State University took centerstage in yesterday’s first and only debate in the run-off election for United States Senate. Since the story broke last week on The American Zombie and then here on CenLamar, the Cassidy campaign has struggled to formulate a coherent response.

Earlier this year, way back in July, Cassidy had claimed to an energy trade publication and on his federal income disclosure forms that his work at LSU only covered his “medical expenses.” We now know that Cassidy had actually been approved by the House Committee on Conduct of Elected Officials to teach a class for credit, and we also now know that in addition to the $20,000 salary Cassidy collected as an Associate Professor, LSU also provided the Congressman with medical malpractice insurance, licensing fees, and the costs of his…

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Are Jefferson Parish Judges Corrupt?

Originally posted on Crazy Crawfish's Blog:

I thought I would provide an update to my Jefferson Parish School Board Race post. I received a lot of feedback from the public about how outraged they were as well as how fed up they were with the corruption in the parish. I honestly had no idea although I had my suspicions based on how Jefferson became the poster parish for education reform.

Education reform flourishes in corrupt places because of all the opportunities for money to change hands.

I have been working on a number of stories simultaneously, that are requiring a lot of research and interviewing. Some of the groups I am investigating have a record of suing or threatening to sue whistleblowers, so I’m trying to piece together public records and witness statements that back up my claims.  Incidentally I believe that intro segues into my next point and a comment from a reader from Jefferson…

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School bus or church bus? EBR school bus driver accused of religious harassment

Lamar Parmentel:

I get my churchin’ in da bus

Originally posted on Something Like the Truth:

The ACLU of Louisiana delivered an open letter Tuesday to the superintendent of East Baton Rouge Schools, the principal of Broadmoor High Schools, and the director of transportation for East Baton Rouge Schools, concerning a student who was allegedly detained and harassed by a school bus driver in violation of the student’s rights. The letter reads as follows:

Dr. Bernard Taylor, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools
East Baton Rouge Parish School System

Shalonda T. Simoneaux, Principal
Broadmoor High School

Gary J. Reese
Interim Administrative Director of Transportation

Dear Dr. Taylor, Ms. Simoneaux and Mr. Reese:

It has been brought to the attention of the ACLU Foundation of Louisiana that an East Baton Rouge Parish School System school bus driver for Broadmoor High School has used her position of authority to detain a student on the bus and proselytize him in clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the…

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Gravis Marketing Poll Says Vitter Is Already Governor

Posted without further comment:


Biz-Backed School Board Candidate Has Special Qualification – His Name

Jefferson Parish, that of Harry Lee and Aaron Broussard and Carlos Marcello, and other crooks, has a funny new crookedness with which to deal:

The Jefferson is quite interested in the upcoming School Board races. So is the Teachers Union. The way these things go down, most of the time anyway, is that the Union has their people and the Chamber has their people. The endless battle between labor and capital. A tale as old as time.

However, in this case, the biz groups are doing something kind of funny. The union candidate in JP District 2 is named Ricky Johnson. The chamber put in two horses in this race – the ostensible chamber candidate named “Ricky Jackson” (also known as former the former Saints’ player’s son) and the now-defeated candidate April Williams. Jackson and Johnson now head to the runoff. You could see how someone might get confused. Perhaps even on purpose.

Not perhaps. That’s the point.

The fun part comes during the residency challenge originally filed after qualifying. Mr. Jackson has quite the record and a very convenient memory regarding whether he even lives in the District (for the required 2 years):

boom1 ooop2s1

Mr. Jackson is a football player, like his father, just not as successful. Until 2013, he played football in Pennsylvania at Robert Morris University. That’s a year ago.


Mr. Jackson did register to vote. Last year.


And, to these untrained eyes, he committed (or conspired to commit) voter fraud in Florida. 


And he admits that he really just hasn’t been living in Jefferson Parish for two years. But oh well, since this is Chamber-run Jefferson Parish, Jackson is allowed on the ballot. And now he’s in the runoff!



Racism: The Elephant in Louisiana’s Living Room

Originally posted on CenLamar:

Five years ago, Keith Bardwell, a Justice of the Peace from Tangipahoa Parish, refused to marry an interracial couple, earning himself attention in the national and international media. “The reason I didn’t (marry the couple),” he told CBS News, “is because I’ve had countless number (sic) of people that was (sic) born in that situation and that they claim the blacks or the whites didn’t accept the children, and I didn’t want to put the children in that position.” Governor Bobby Jindal quickly denounced Bardwell and called on the Louisiana Judiciary Commission to revoke his law license.

A few years later, Jindal penned an opinion piece for Politico titled “The End of Race,” arguing that America- and Louisiana in particular- had successfully purged itself of racism. Quoting (bold mine):

In 2003, I decided to run for governor of Louisiana, a state where David Duke got 44 percent of the…

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Does Mary Landrieu have a chance? Not if she can’t win more white votes

Originally posted on Something Like the Truth:

Screen shot of November 6, 2014, Louisiana exit poll from

Screen shot of November 6, 2014, Louisiana exit poll from

By Robert Mann

It’s now clear that Sen. Mary Landrieu’s relentless talk about her clout took a big hit in Tuesday’s election. Not only has much of her power vanished along with the Democrats’ Senate majority; her message about what she has done for Louisiana did not resonate with voters.

If Landrieu ekes out a surprising, narrow win in her Dec. 6 runoff with Rep. Bill Cassidy, she might give thanks for Tuesday’s rebuke, which will force her to talk about something that really matters to voters.

As I have written before, reminding voters disgusted with Congress about one’s Washington seniority was not a winning message. Cassidy had the more effective pitch, which was, essentially, “Elect me and I will vote against Barack Obama 100 percent of the time.”

Landrieu’s clout message might have worked a generation ago…

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With vouchers at stake, Fire Marshal ignores building’s deficiencies, zoning violations, OKs school construction

Lamar Parmentel:

Rules need not apply.

Originally posted on Louisiana Voice:

When State Fire Marshal Butch Browning isn’t busy defending his wearing of unauthorized military decorations and ribbons or trying to shift blame for a carnival ride that malfunctioned only seven hours after his office inspected it, injuring two children in the process, he apparently can play the political game as well as any state appointed official.

Remember the New Living Word School in Ruston? That’s the facility that had only 122 students in 2012, yet was approved for more than 300 vouchers by the Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) even though the school lacked teachers, classrooms, desks or other supporting facilities to handle the increased numbers.

In fact, construction was started on New Living Word’s school without anyone bothering to obtain the requisite building permits or to hire a licensed contractor. In fact, no zoning variance was even obtained to operate the school on property that was zoned for a…

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Graves, EWE campaigns go into the sewer in 6th district congressional race

Lamar Parmentel:

Graves goes there in Louisiana 6

Originally posted on Something Like the Truth:

By Robert Mann

Until this weekend there was only one unacceptable candidate in Louisiana’s 6th district congressional race. Now there are two.

Add to the list Republican Garret Graves, who along with the wife of former Gov. Edwin Edwards, have descended into the sewer with personal attacks on Republican candidate Paul Dietzel. In particular, both campaigns have pushed the implication that Dietzel is gay or secretly supports gay rights. Both campaigns are playing to the homophobia of some 6th district voters.

As readers of this blog know well, I am no fan of Edwards. He’s an unrepentant felon whose election would further sully Louisiana’s reputation. I had long ago decided that I would vote for one of Edwards’ Republican opponents. It’s a safe GOP district, so my plan was to vote for the least objectionable Republican, the person most likely to listen to the other side and least likely to contribute to partisan gridlock.

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Bobby Jindal’s unbalanced, balanced budget

Lamar Parmentel:

Do not look behind the curtain

Originally posted on Something Like the Truth:

By Robert Mann

It’s pretty clear that that Gov. Bobby Jindal and his staff panicked a few weeks ago when they realized they would close out the 2013-14 state fiscal year with a $141 million deficit.

Gov. Bobby Jindal

Gov. Bobby Jindal

That, of course, would blow a hole in Jindal’s already dim presidential hopes. After all, you can’t get elected president if you can’t balance your budget back home (never mind the ugly, messy way Jindal has balanced his previous budgets).

So, it appears Jindal and Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols went on a furious search throughout the state coffers, looking under every seat cushion to find the funds necessary to cobble together a “balanced” budget.

When they were done, they had magically discovered $319 million.

And then, just to divert attention from their incompetence, they tried to blame the whole thing on state Treasurer John Kennedy, attacking him for not finding the money…

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