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Crawford Opts Out, No Challenger for Fleming in LA-4

Louisiana’s 4th congressional district has been represented since 2009 by John Fleming, a physician and Subway sandwich baron from Mississippi. He is best known for saying really stupid things and being completely out of touch with average people.

For example, does anyone remember how much he needs to feed his family each year? Anyone? Bueller?

If you said $200,000, YOU’RE RIGHT! (He said it all on live television – more at TPM.) To Fleming, class warfare means pesky sandwich artists having the gall to ask for health insurance or other benefits.

Let’s also not forget his wonderfully eloquent ramblings on the godless socialism of democrats – and of course his political partnership with conservative moral champion David Vitter –

We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess really a godless society, an atheist society. Or we’re going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we’re going to have to win that battle, we’re going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things.

And to add insult to idiocy, the honorable congressman apparently doesn’t know the difference between real and satirical media outlets. He stood strong on his Facebook page against Planned Parenthood’s new $8 billion “Abortionplex” as reported by The Onion.


So, the good ‘ol resurgent Louisiana Democrats have a candidate, yes?!


First, it was rumored that Bossier City trial lawyer Kyle Robinson was considering the seat. Then he “told friends” he wouldn’t.

Next, former Shreveport fire chief Brian Crawford was said to be considering the race. Some reports said he was being courted heavily by Democratic officials in Washington, D.C., and Crawford himself even contributed to the speculation by releasing a statement:

While I would be humbled for any national party to consider me a worthy candidate, ultimately, it would be the great people of our City, District, and/or State that would be the ultimate influence on any decision I would make, now or in the future to seek elected office. It is in that light, of local interest and growing concern, that I am presently evaluating the level and quality of representation we currently and have experienced in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District.

Some say Fleming would have a big race on his hands should the attractive and hard-working Crawford decide to jump in. Everyone loves a hero, right?

But, alas, the Daily Kingfish has learned that Crawford has decided not to challenge Fleming in this year’s congressional race, citing family concerns.

So where does this leave Democrats? Back at square one, it seems.

More importantly, where does it leave people who live in the 4th district? Stuck with an out-of-touch, ultra-conservative member of the 1% for at least 2 more years.


4 comments on “Crawford Opts Out, No Challenger for Fleming in LA-4

  1. Gilda Reed says:

    Damn! Stuck again. The people in LA-04 must feel similarly to us in LA-01. We are stuck with the bought likes of Repub parrot Scalise.


  2. Anthony says:

    Once again, the Louisiana Democratic Party shows that they are incapable of mounting even a perfunctory challenge to the Jindal/Vitter/Fleming right-wing whackjobs. Of course, if they would spend less time trying to ape the Republicans and actually return to Huey Long populism combined with actual sane social progressivism, rather than try to reinvent the glory days of Edwin Edwards and pray for another David DuKKKe, then maybe they might even win a Congressional seat or two not dominated by NOLA.

    The days of the DLC “Southern Democrat” are long gone. Time to either modernize or step aside for a real progressive party, LA Dems.



  3. Billy says:

    Fleming is an idiot. I say this as a conservative in search of someone to get him out of office. If the Democrats would run someone who was opposed to the “patriot” act, opposed to more deficit spending, opposed to more pre-emptive war, in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve, and opposed to Obamacare, then I’d vote for that Democrat. But if the Democrats just want to run another pro-establisment big-government clone then I’ll vote for whoever will oppose whichever Bush/Obama/Romney clone is likely to win as president.


  4. A.J. says: says that former state Senator Lydia Jackson might run for the seat. I hope this to be true.


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