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Like It Or Not

Bobby Jindal had a fun week for a megalomaniac. He began it announcing his drastic Education “Reform” agenda would pass through the legislature “unchanged,” and finished it by firing a high-ranking administration official for speaking out of turn. In between, the obedient House Education Committee passed wide-ranging education legislation without batting an eye, despite more than 15 straight hours of testimony.

The Times-Pic’s Stephanie Grace puts it plainly:

Gov. Bobby Jindal determined to ram agenda through…

Taken together, and compounded by the way Jindal and his allies handled his massive education package during the Legislature’s eventful first week, it all adds up to a blatant pattern of heavy-handedness, a cynical you’re-with-us-or-you’re-against-the-us mentality (or in the case of education policy, against the children), a reliance less on persuasion and more on pressure, even brute force.

Ole CB puts it another way:

Jindal delivers loud, clear, frightening message

And so it goes.

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