Naming Names

Bobby Jindal’s school vouchers bill passed the Louisiana House late into the night after 12 hours of debate – see the roll call vote to know how your legislator voted (link updated).

This bill is the opposite of progress – yet 12 “Democrats” voted in favor. We don’t know what motivated them, but we can guess.

Politics. Money. Re-election. Selfishness. Fear. General spinelessness. Any other guesses?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t their conscience. No one with a good conscience can vote for a bill that robs money from the public education system in Louisiana – that gives taxpayer-funded handouts to the rich and makes inflated promises of hope to the poor. This vote is inexcusable.

Without further adieu, let’s see the roll call of Democrats who sided with Bobby Jindal (and against public schools) on this landmark education reform legislation.


Neil Abramson of New Orleans

Jeff Arnold of New Orleans

Austin Badon of New Orleans

Robert Billiot of Westwego

Jim Fannin of Jonesboro

Dalton Honore of Baton Rouge

Girod Jackson III of Harvey

Patrick Jefferson of Homer

Walt Leger III of New Orleans

Helena Moreno of New Orleans

Ledricka Thierry of Opelousas

Patrick Williams of Shreveport


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  1. The link for the roll call isn’t working for me–anywhere else I can look for it?


  2. Scumbags..all of them!!!


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