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Rep. Schroder files “License to Bully” Bill

State Representative Schroder has once again followed his masters at Louisiana Family Forum Hate Inc. and filed the Louisiana version of the “License to Bully” (Or the Bully the Gay Away) bill that we have seen in other states such as Tennessee and Michigan this year – BOTH of those states killed their versions of this bill.

In a misguided attempt at trying to seem reasonable by filing their own Anti-Bullying legislation, LFF Hate Inc. has filed their so called “Clean Bill” by stripping out the characteristics that all current research shows is necessary in order to have a policy that actually prevents bullying that leads to suicide. Students from schools with an enumerated policy are 50% more likely to feel safe at school (54% vs. 36%). Students without such a policy are three times more likely to skip a class because they feel uncomfortable or unsafe (16% vs. 5%).

Specifically excluding the characteristics that are shown to be needed and then by adding that nothing being done do a child can be considered bullying IF it is considered “religious, philosophical or political views, provided that such expression does not cause an actual, material disruption to the work of any public school” clearly shows the intent of the author that it is perfectly permissible to at least TRY to “Bully the Gay Away.”

This policy is WORSE because it declares OPEN SEASON on all children who have been labeled as “Gay.” It gives sanctuary codified into law to each child who cares to use it. We should not forget that recent data shows that 80% of youth harassed for being perceived as gay actually identify as heterosexual. These youth are 5 times MORE likely to attempt suicide.

HB 1101 By Rep Schroder should be voted down and Louisiana Family Forum should be called out to STOP playing POLITICS with Children’s lives.

Citizens who believe that ALL children should be protected and provided with a safe learning environment should be supporting HB 407 and SB 619.


3 comments on “Rep. Schroder files “License to Bully” Bill

  1. David says:

    OMG, SHOCKING! “License to Bully” in the name of Christianity! Call Rep Schroder (985-893-6262) or email him ( and tell him to withdraw this vulgar and reprehensible bill (HB 1101).


  2. Krissy says:

    This is just another form of class warfare republicans love so much. Raise a kid to constantly watch his back and then you have a whipped slave by the time he turns 18, who skipped school and has no diploma willing to work for a slave wages. Its the whole Christian method of shunning/torturing a family for 7 generations.


  3. Monica says:

    He is a bully! I witnessed him speaking on the floor of the house, in committee meetings, and in person as a teacher! Our LA legislatures and Governor and DOE need to watch that new movie about Bullying!


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