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Preening Jindal Jumps On Romney Bandwagon

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has endorsed Mitt Romney on the heels of Rick Santorum’s announcement he is”suspending” campaign for president.

Jindal said Republicans should focus their energy on the fall campaign, which he described as giving American a choice “between Obama’s lurch toward European-style big government and the Republican alternative of a thriving private sector with a smaller government.”

Earlier in the campaign, Jindal had supported Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the GOP nomination. Perry later dropped out of the race.

One thing is sure. Romney is doomed. But not because of the reasons you think.

You see, Bobby Jindal’s endorsement is like the kiss of death. Let’s review some select Jindal-endorsed candidates:

  • Jimmy Faircloth, Candidate for State Supreme Court – (LOST in 2009)
  • Lee Domingue, Candidate for State Senate Special Election- (LOST 2009)
  • Brent Callais, Candidate for State Senate Special Election – (LOST 2009)
  • Jane Smith, Candidate for State Senate – (LOST 2011)
  • Rick Perry, Candidate for… uh, uh, oops… President – (Dropped out ignominiously in 2011)

Of course, the quick Romney endorsement isn’t about winning the presidency or consolidating Republicans behind old Mitt. No, this is all about Jindal’s obscene arrogance about his own political trajectory. Jindal is often mentioned by wingnuts as Vice-Presidential timber. And with a politician as egocentric as Jindal, it certainly goes to his head.

His preening extends throughout his administration. He has set out to remake the State with the most hottest button wingnut policy agenda he can muster.

While Jindal knows how to multi-task, some of his first-term fights were clearly driven by national politics. Most glaring was his all-out effort to prevent a tiny tobacco tax from being renewed, despite a dearth of identifiable opposition, even from most fiscal conservatives. The only sensible rationale was that Jindal wanted to keep his anti-tax record pristine, a virtual requirement in national GOP politics these days.The biggest news to break about Jindal’s second term agenda — that he plans to push for a significant expansion of private school vouchers — suggests that Jindal is at it again.

Like staunch opposition to taxes, vouchers too are near and dear to national movement conservatives’ hearts.

Louisiana is just Jindal’s petri dish. And before the experiment is over and the results are known, he’ll be off chasing another national name, begging to be a cabinet secretary of a part of a losing GOP ticket.


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