Jindal Again Mocked After Speech To Out-Of-State Republicans

We all remember the awful beating Jindal took after his national debut. During his response to President Obama in 2009, Jindal was mercilessly mocked both on the content of the speech, and his bizarre presentation.

Unfortunately for Bobby, his national aspirations were slapped back again last night:

La. Gov. Jindal finds New York crowd big, but not easy

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, sometimes mentioned as a candidate for vice president, didn’t exactly wow the 700 or so gathered for the annual New York Republican dinner at the midtown Sheraton.

His keynote speech started out well enough, many Republicans said, but droned on far too long. He told a stale joke (My father walked to school. Uphill. Both ways.) then went deep into the weeds of the Bayou State’s financials — focusing at one point on “UAL” debt.

He received mild, occasional applause but, all the time, the volume of conversation at the 100 or so tables rose noticeably as attention waned.   

And, after a dinner break and Jindal’s departure, the next two speakers made pointed references. “I’m going to speak a little shorter than the prior speaker,” Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) said — generating applause.

“My father gave me some great advice, too,” Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua), said referring to a part of Jindal’s speech. “Be brief and be gone.”

Jindal’s team placed copies of his book, “Leadership and Crisis,” on the chairs throughout the Sheraton ballroom. Afterward, some New York Republicans joked about trying to give their copy away.

He might be Babe Ruth in Louisiana’s minor league, but he can’t hit a lick in the majors.


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  1. JIndal is an idiot, and if he had to quit the governership to run for VEEP, I’d say, PLEASE take him off our hands… but as we all remember, that didn’t work so well for the people of Alaska.


  2. The man is a “freaking, arrogant” idiot! Plain and simple~!


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