Jindal Goes Berserk Over Obamacare Ruling – Time For An Exorcism!

First, what was obviously constitutional was held constitutional in a strangely satisfying, but somewhat unexpected way.

There, got that out-of-the-way? The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. This is big and great news. Thanks, Barack.

But, in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, he of “health care expert” fame, had a total meltdown. Let’s take a look at Jindal’s twitterstream, for example:

A blow to our freedoms? You mean, because Barack Obama passed a Health Care plan that is directly sourced from one that the freedom-hating Heritage Foundation (you know, the foremost conservative “thinktank” in existence) wrote?

Or because Obamacare is exactly the plan that Mitt Romney enacted in Massachusetts as Governor and then lustily touted and promoted on the talking heads circuit for years? The same Mitt Romney Jindal now begs for a Vice-Presidential spot on the GOP ticket?

Bobby, let’s be clear here. You are a monstrous hypocrite. You cannot have it both ways.

Forced this law? You mean, by passing it in Congress by majorities? That’s forcing? I mean, Bobby my friend, you “forced” the taxpayers of Louisiana to fund fly-by-night nutcase religious “schools” by passing some egregious wingnut social engineering project via your “education agenda.”

Instead, in exchange for cutting costs, increasing access to health care, and reducing our deficit, Barack Obama is instituting a tax (or “fee” in your language, Bobby) on free-loaders who refuse to purchase health care coverage and instead make all of us pay for their dumb decisions by going to Emergency rooms and sucking our public health care dollars down a terrible drain.

But we digress. Back to Bobby’s wack-job hysteria:

Of course, Jindal is wrong about everything here. But that is nothing new.

And now the kicker. With all of his sputtering and flailing, Jindal slipped up and played from the wrong playbook. He forgot he wasn’t a Rick Perry acolyte anymore (you know, he of “the first thing, the second thing, and uhhh…ooops.”)

Ooops! Poor Bobby! Your Veep-stakes ranking might take a tumble. And you’d still be a blithering moron.


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  1. Again, for an allegedly smart guy, he’s not very bright. Or, as someone once said of Newt Gingrich, he’s a dumb person’s idea of a smart person.


  2. This guy is doing more harm to the state of Louisiana than any governor we have had since reconstrution. I hope the people that voted him in office can tell how incompetent he his. We will still be at the bottom of the list on everything until we get him out of office.


  3. Living on a Blue island in an Ocean of RED.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Walter Boaso. Unfortunately LA is so controlled by LABI and the other in business interests and the state Democratic party is so feeble- I see no light at the end of the tunnel.


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