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Strict Unconstitutionalist

According to published reports, Louisiana has a State constitution. According to Bobby Jindal, that simply doesn’t matter.

As he spends his many days and nights outside of Louisiana, his secrecy and flippant disregard of the Louisiana constitution would be hilarious, if not so legally dangerous. His travels have been many:

Jindal has been out-of-state more than 25 percent of the time since May campaigning for Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, raising money for GOP causes and candidates, and participating in conferences. From May 3 through Thursday, Jindal has traveled to New Jersey, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Illinois, West Virginia, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington state. He was gone 20 days during the 73-day period, according to Governor’s Office news releases.

And yet, his accordance with our constitution is non-existant: 

In response to a written question posed to the governor about why he did not notify Dardenne when he leaves Louisiana, Shannon Bates, Jindal’s press secretary, replied in an email: “The press office sends a note out to press when the Governor leaves the state. The Governor remains the Governor wherever he is.”

Article IV, Section 19 of the Louisiana Constitution states: “When the governor is temporarily absent from the state, the lieutenant governor shall act as governor.”“Since I’ve been lieutenant governor, I’ve never received any notification that he was traveling out-of-state,” said Dardenne, who has been in the job since late 2010.

If the president does it, that means it is not illegal.” Does Jindal believe the same applies to the Governor of Louisiana? Apparently so. Nothing, not even Louisiana’s constitution constrains this Governor.  If the Governor does it, it’s not unconstitutional.

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