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“Mitt Romney jokes about rising oceans as Louisiana goes under: Jarvis DeBerry”

Jarvis DeBerry, a columnist in the Times-Picayune, takes sinking Mitt Romney’s campaign to task over his irresponsible and absurd take on global warming, especially in how it relates to our gret stet:

For the benefit of you who had no power, this is what Romney said: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans.” Here Romney paused — for 14 long seconds. “And to heal the planet.” Three more seconds. “My promise,” he said, with emphasis on the pronoun, “is to help you and your family.”There was thunderous applause, primarily because the timing was exquisite. By pausing as long as he did, Romney gave his audience time enough to ponder and then laugh at the idea of such an ambitious promise. Slowing the rise of the oceans?!! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a joke!

As wonderful as Romney’s timing was on the micro level, on the macro level it was absolutely atrocious. He couldn’t have picked a worse week or a worse place to mock the efforts to curb rising sea levels.Tampa, site of the Republicans’ convention and Romney’s address, is in a metro area that’s consistently losing ground to rising water. That was awkward enough, but the next day Romney came to coastal Louisiana — which has also seen land washed away — to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Isaac. An Associated Press reporter in Jean Lafitte heard Romney ask, “Did the water come from the sky, or the rivers, or the ocean?”You mean he doesn’t know? The water came through Barack Obama’s outthrust palms!

Read the whole thing, here.

Also, enjoy this growing Obama bump after the DNC.

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