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There’s lots of incredulity out there in the Gret Stet about the Presidential race. You can almost hear the tea baggers crowing that Obama will undoubtedly go down in defeat on November 6th. This reaction isn’t hard to predict when you consider the echo-chamber effect of political news in our state. Whether it’s Chad over at the faux-drudge report, or I mean, the ‘Dead Pelican,” or your friendly neighborhood white nationalists over at the informative, but fiercely partisan Hayride, or even the supposed news “index” over at LaNewslinks, Louisiana political news has a hard rightward slant.Coming from an admittedly partisan website (but not without a fidelity to the truth) like the ‘Kingfish, I’m sure this might be hard to swallow. However, at some point, when you only dip your news ear into the rightwing echo chamber, you begin to unmoor yourself from reality. For many of us in the reality-based community, we know this happened definitively in or around 2008.

The election of Barack Obama has driven the increasingly isolated conservative media into full-out propaganda mode. They’ve left the facts behind and the diagnosis is Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Here at the ‘fish, we want to bring a little reality check to Louisiana, at least on the Presidential metrics level. In order to make the greatest impact, we’ll be using pictures (1000 words and all) to drive home one clear point: Barack Obama is favored to be reelected. See below:
Click for

We’ll be keeping score on the right hand column too. So stay tuned.

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