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Don’t Stop Believing

What is it men cannot be made to believe! – Thomas Jefferson, 1786

It was only 5 short years ago when the following words were spoken:

That is how we will run our New Louisiana government. Twenty-first century schools and colleges. Curricula linked to our new economy. Quality teachers. Accountability for results… A modern health care system that provides for all.

Bobby Jindal promised a modern health care system that provides for all. As of today, Bobby Jindal made sure that the promise he asked us to believe in would never come true:

The LSU governing board has backed a plan to deepen cuts to the university-run public hospitals that care for the poor and uninsured to $152 million.

The reductions will fall across seven south Louisiana hospitals, eliminating dozens of inpatient beds, some clinic services and nearly 1,500 jobs, most of which will require layoffs.

Opelka emphasized that the system was looking for private health care providers to “partner” with to provide care to the largely uninsured population that the LSU hospitals treat. These partnerships will help fill the care gaps, he said.

But Opelka mostly did not specify what those partnerships will look like, although he noted that Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center will treat patients.

For those taking stock at home, that’s a 25% cut. According to the AP, the cuts will fall in this manner:

Job cuts at #LSU hospitals include 423 positions in New Orleans, 341 in Baton Rouge, 173 in Lafayette, 146 in Bogalusa, 95 in Independence.

It was just the other day that we saw that “Reductions for the LSU-operated charity hospital system are particularly unpopular. 89%  said they were concerned by the cuts.”

In other words, if you didn’t like what’s already happened, get ready to Believe in Louisiana even harder! After Bobby cuts health care and education beyond the bone, so much so that the physical infrastructure will disappear, the only thing we’ll have left is our belief.

But this is completely in line with the teahaddist agenda, so don’t be surprised. “Opelka didn’t answer #LSU board member’s question about whether uninsured care will be harmed with the cuts.

The facts don’t matter. Despite the smoke screens, the truth is, we won’t cover everyone. Health care, already in crisis for our very poor state, will evaporate. You’re on your own. But we know this. “It’s arithmetic.”

In this post-truth right-wing hysteria, it’s always about “modern delivery systems,” or “reforming antiquated systems,” also know as privatization. Giveaways to your big business friends, campaign contributors. And Louisianians are left out to dry. Again.

After Bobby Jindal is done dismantling our state, belief is all we’ll have left.

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