Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR LOUISIANA STATE SENATE!


Louisiana State Senator Mike Walsworth may not understand evolutionary science, but after this week, he probably has a deeper appreciation of the ways in which a news story can evolve over the course of time. Senator Walsworth, a Republican from Monroe, is probably now the most well-known member of the Louisiana legislature. Last week, in a story about Zack Kopplin, Walsworth appeared on the front page of the website io9, and today, the rest of the media appears to have caught on.

MSN: Louisiana Senator Wonders, Out Loud, If E. Coli Can Evolve Into Humans

Slate: And These Are The People Making Laws In Louisiana

Gawker: Louisiana Senator Wants To Know If E. Coli Could Evolve Into Human

The New Civil Rights Movement: Video Of Creationist Republican Not Understanding Bacteria Can’t Evolve Into A Human Goes Viral

Upworthy: Senator Asks For Proof Of Evolution, Discovers He Doesn’t Actually Know…

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