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Reality Brings Jindal Crashing Down

More good news for the wannabe king of the “stupid party.” The word on Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana collapse is getting some much-needed attention. Funny what polling can do.

It turns out that cooyans back here in Loosy-ana actually expect the Governor to make choices that are responsive to us, not primary voters in Iowa. Unfortunately for Boo Boo the Boy Wonder, he didn’t get the memo. This piece from the associated press (written by a former Times-Picayune scribe) takes Jindal down a notch, or three:

Gov. Bobby Jindal faces deepening troubles in his home state even as he dishes out advice on how the divided GOP can regroup and looks to position himself as a national party front man.

The new head of the Republican Governors Association, who also is a potential future White House contender, has made a series of cuts to health services and colleges, drawing criticism from affected constituents and Republicans who say he’s not cut enough. And while he delighted conservative policy wonks nationally with his signature measures overhauling education and public employee pensions, those laws are tied up in state court as Republican judges claim constitutional concerns.

At the same time, recent polls suggest that Jindal’s once-formidable job performance rating has fallen below 50 percent just over a year after he was re-elected without serious opposition.

He’s got a large number of people in Louisiana who just do not like him,” said Baton Rouge pollster Bernie Pinsonat, not usually a Jindal critic.

Bernie Pinsonat, GOP/Lane Grigsby pollster isn’t exactly a known liberal. And according to our books on Democracy, approval rates under 50% mean that a majority would not choose you to be their leader. While Jindal might not appear on our ballots anymore (for the time-being), he certainly can’t convince Republicans nation-wide that he’s the medicine for their current sickness if his own red state of Louisiana doesn’t even like him.

And then the mountain of hypocrisy begins to tumble upon Jindal:

Yet for all his criticism of a big federal government, Jindal has approved its excess and accepted its bounty. As a congressman, he supported deficit budgets under President George W. Bush. Jindal, like every other governor, used federal stimulus money — provided through an Obama law that Jindal assailed — to balance his state budget for at least two years and, in many instances, he traveled to small towns to hand out checks to local government leaders, while sidestepping the explanation that the dollars came from federal coffers.

As many program cuts as Jindal has pushed in Louisiana, he’s feuded with his fellow Republicans in the Legislature who say he’s not done enough.

Jindal’s state government helped spend billions of dollars in federal rebuilding aid after multiple hurricanes, including Katrina. Louisiana just hosted the Super Bowl in a publicly owned stadium restored and upgraded with taxpayer money.

Jindal has refused one spending area, and that’s providing health care to our state’s working poor. Despite studies that continuously state the importance and impact of expanding Medicaid, Jindal just says “no.” Mary Landrieu takes him to task on this point, here:

He just seems to be adamant about pushing his political future ahead of the economic interests of the people of Louisiana. It’s very disheartening to me and a growing number of people in our state,” said Landrieu. D-La. “It’s his quest to be the next president and to check off the tea party ‘I am the most conservative person in America’ check list. If he were to get his mind and heart on the people he’s representing, we might have better outcomes.”

Yeehaw, and go get’em, Mary.


One comment on “Reality Brings Jindal Crashing Down

  1. Fredster says:

    Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving guy.


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