Bobby Jindal’s popularity sinkhole (and what it has to do with the real Louisiana sinkhole)

Mann on Jindal’s popularity sinkhole

Something Like the Truth

By Robert Mann

Two polls in recent months provide compelling evidence that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s once-stratospheric popularly has lost considerable altitude.

Perhaps it’s too much to say that Jindal’s governorship is in a nosedive, but if he were an airplane, and you a passenger, you wouldn’t need oxygen.

One statewide poll put Jindal’s job approval at 47 percent; not long thereafter, another poll put his approval at a dismal 37 (1) copy

Why the sudden drop in Jindal’s fortunes? The pollsters didn’t say, but we can speculate:

Travel. Jindal is rarely in the state; he’s proving to citizens that he’s no longer interested in courting them (unless they happen to reside in Iowa or New Hampshire). Voters are like perceptive girlfriends – we know when our governor is just not that into us.

Budget and economy. Since Jindal has been governor, the state’s been in perpetual budget crisis. This year’s…

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