POLL: Jindal 38%. Obama 43%. In Louisiana

Crash. Bobby Jindal’s approval rating is 38%, according to a new SMOR poll. This matches the 37% that PPP found only a month and a half ago.

Key findings here:

The governor received a 38 percent approval rating in the spring 2013 survey, compared to 51 percent last October. A number of issues contributed to Jindal’s low performance, including state cuts to higher education and health care, plans to privatize the charity hospital system and the governor’s proposed state tax overhaul.

Gov. Jindal’s proposed tax reform plan was particularly unpopular. Sixty-three percent opposed the plan to abolish personal and corporate income taxes and raise state sales taxes, while only 27 percent supported it.

That second piece is incredible. 63% of people are OPPOSED to the sales tax swap that Jindal has proposed.

Medicaid expansion continues to show majority support:

Gov. Jindal has refused to take part in a Medicaid expansion available under the new health care reform law, claiming it would cost too much money. Sen. Landrieu says the governor is putting his political ambitions ahead of the state’s health and economic interests.When respondents were asked whom they agreed with more,Landrieu had a slight edge over Jindal–49 percent to 46 percent…

Oh, and the kicker. Obama is more popular than Jindal:

Overall, 43 percent approved of the president’s job performance compared to 56 percent who do not,which is slightly better than Jindal’s rating.

Mary Landrieu also looks fairly good, with a 56% approval rating.

You can read more on Lane Grigsby’s latest poll here. Lots of his pet issues, including term limits for all statewide elected officials and more.


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