Whose Side Is Bill Cassidy On?

Congressman Bill Cassidy, whose career has been spent working for the State of Louisiana as a Doctor in a Charity Hospital, has blandly announced his candidacy for Senate in 2014 against Mary Landrieu.

Ironically, while Cassidy touts his work for the poor in a “public” hospital, Governor Jindal’s civil service board voted to privatize it on the same day of Cassidy’s announcement. Maybe Congressman Cassidy is running for Senate because he just lost his old job.

You can watch his announcement video below, and marvel at how these many months of preparation and meditation on the race could have produced such a boring, content-less video:

Cassidy repeats several meaningless, conservative boilerplate agenda items in the video, including his support for the ridiculous “balanced-budget amendment,” a policy that prominent conservative commentator Ramesh Ponnuru callsa terrible idea.”

Cassidy also plans to “run against” Barack Obama, who according to recent polling, is actually more popular than Governor Jindal, the guy who is shutting down Cassidy’s old hospital. Perhaps he should be running against Jindal? Look, we can see that the President is not very popular in Louisiana, but unfortunately for Bill Cassidy, Barack Obama isn’t on the ballot anymore. He’ll have to actually face his real opponent, Mary Landrieu.

Cassidy also intertwines some interesting pseudo-populist “conservatism,” totally off-loading libertarians and shunning the Rand Paul-section of the GOP. Cassidy, the “conservative,” wants to

  • replace Obamacare with… something that sounds like Obamacare.
  • He wants to preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security. Hello, socialism?
  • His wife and he continuously mention their connection to “public” schools, including the “public charter school” she works at, and the “public college” that their son attends. I thought that was socialism?
  • Cassidy treats the “uninsured.” Isn’t this the agenda of the takers? The 47%?

As liberals, it’s hard to tell if this is Cassidy’s platform, or moderate Mary Landrieu’s. Conservatives cannot be happy with Cassidy, and in deep-red Louisiana, we know the tea baggers ought to be grumbling about Cassidy’s weak-tea conservatism, at least compared to today’s “stupid party.”

Is he just Mary Landrieu-light?


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