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Talking Points Memo: Jindal’s Political Collapse

So yesterday went well for the Governor, huh? Apparently all that tax-hiking talk was for naught, because he just got right up there and asked the legislature to go ahead and get rid of the income tax… and that’s it. Let’s not worry about replacing that revenue with a sales tax hike anymore.

His reasoning was basically, “My brother lives in another state, and he won’t come back until we get rid of the income tax. So do it for MY BROTHER!

Talking Points Memo took note of the larger context, and it wasn’t good for BJ or the GOP:

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), considered a leading presidential contender in 2016, is suffering a political meltdown in his home state. His approval rating plummeted to 38 percent in a poll last week by the non-partisan Southern Media Opinion & Research, down from 60 percent just a year ago. In an ominous sign for national Republicans, the immediate cause is a sweeping economic agenda with strong parallels to the House GOP’s latest budget.

On Monday, Jindal scrapped his own proposal to eliminate the state’s income and corporate taxes and replace them with a statewide tax on sales and business services. His retreat was a concession to the reality that the proposal was headed towards a humiliating defeat — and taking Jindal down with it along the way. Jindal said in a speech to lawmakers that the backlash against his plan “certainly wasn’t the reaction I was hoping to hear,” but that he would respect the public’s wishes and start again.”

Read the whole thing here.


2 comments on “Talking Points Memo: Jindal’s Political Collapse

  1. PB says:

    Such nonsense. Jindal’s brother works in DC and lives in Alexandria, VA. Pays state income tax. Someone should interview him.


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