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Do states without an income tax really have the strongest economies?

Does it make any sense to eliminate the income tax? Only if you want to bankrupt the state.

Something Like the Truth

By Tom Swain
Guest Blogger

Governor Jindal wants to do away with state income taxes.  His earlier proposals attempted to raise an equivalent amount of revenue from sales taxes.  He now stresses his desire to end income taxes, but seems willing to let the Legislature find the replacement funding.

In his speech to the Legislature on Monday, he spoke about wanting people to stay in Louisiana, of wanting people to move here from states like Texas and Florida.  He spoke about members of his own family moving away for better jobs.

Politics ain’t beanbag!  A few bad poll numbers and even your family members leave you.

But would abolishing the state’s income tax cause people to stay or move here from other states?

Interstate migration is complicated.

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