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Mary Landrieu Lands Impressive Fundraising Quarter

With the first major fundraising quarter under the belts, Senator Mary Landrieu continues to draw serious dollars to her campaign side. And most surprising, some of that money is coming from major Republican donors.

Landrieu, D-La., is announcing she raised about $1.2 million during the first three months of the year, which compares favorably with the more than $500,000 brought in by her only 2014 opponent thus far, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge.

Those dollars leave Landrieu with a $3.46 million war chest thus far compared with Cassidy’s $2.4 million, though the election is nearly 18 months away.

The $500k raised by Cassidy must be a disappointment to republicans, who were hoping their moderate nominee would draw strong interest from establishment conservatives seeking a new US Senator from Louisiana detached from the teabag crew.

Landrieu’s strong showing also included some interesting names:

Landrieu also promoted the support she has from top Republican donors, such as New Orleans developer Joe Canizaro and Lockport shipyard magnate Boysie Bollinger, who is a former state Republican Party chairman.

“Any challenger to Sen. Landrieu will have a hard time building support as more and more prominent business leaders back her,” Bollinger said in a prepared statement. “People know that at the end of the day, Mary always fights for our state. For me and many Louisianians, that’s more important than anything.”

The fracturing of conservative over Cassidy’s coronation and strong-arm tactics to clear the field continue to show that hardcore wingnuts aren’t buying into Cassidy’s weak tea moderation. Major GOP donors recognize this, and would rather have a Senior Senator with real pull that disagrees with them on issues than a Mary Landrieu-lite candidate like Cassidy.


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