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Louisiana: the high price of low expectations

Costly, these self-inflicted handicaps are, says Yoda.

Something Like the Truth

By James Freeman
Guest blogger

There’s this old joke from back home. It goes something like this: Boudreaux and a couple of his podnas go to the movies — a John Wayne western.

Boudreaux, as they’re walking into the theater, bets them ol’ boys that there’s no way the Duke is going to get his horse shot out from under him in this movie. They take the bet.

About two hours later, as Boudreaux is paying off his friends, he laments his bad luck: “I done seen dis movie two time before now, and I thought dey ain’t no way dat John Wayne would fall off dat damn horse tree straight time!”

Louisiana, thy name is Boudreaux.

Since well before living memory, my home state has been a political, governmental, educational, social-welfare, public-health and criminal-justice basket case. Generation after generation, Louisiana voters have sent a parade of dullards, slicksters, mountebanks…

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