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Grace: “Beginning Of The End” Of Jindal Era

Au contraire, mon ami! The end of the Jindal era? But of what will our progeny remember of this epoch? Perhaps it’ll be the gold-standard ethics? Or the great leaps we’ve taken forward in public health? Or those grand gains in education?

No, none of those phoney policy talking points that Jindalistas will parrot along the Iowa campaign trails means much of anything back down here in bayou reality.

Ms. Grace disassembled the evolving Jindal “legacy,” an empty bucket of warm spit and platitudes, corporate cronyism and big failures, as capped so far with an embarrassing 2013 legislative session:

When it comes to major, reputation-making initiatives, though, the 2013 session will be remembered for a spectacular failure. Jindal set out to follow up on the education initiative with an equally ambitious revamp of the way Louisiana taxes its citizens. But his proposal for a grand swap — the elimination of personal income taxes coupled with a substantial hike in already-steep sales taxes — proved such a clunker that he had to shelve it before the session even got started.

Even after Jindal attempted to claim victory, his hollow attempts at cheerleading his defensive moves fell flat against the charge that Jindal has clearly abandoned Louisiana, looking longingly into a politically-dark future:

By pursuing a policy so nakedly designed to pad his résumé rather than bolster the state, he made it easy for lawmakers to say, thanks, but no thanks. And while the moment has passed, the impression that he cares more about his own national image than the state’s very real problems remains — which will make it that much harder for Jindal to overcome skepticism from lawmakers in the future.


3 comments on “Grace: “Beginning Of The End” Of Jindal Era

  1. Greg Foreman says:

    History will view Jindal as the most regressive governor in the history of Louisiana. Why and how this plebeian has not been impeached speaks to the control and power he yields over local and legislative officials. Jindal embodies the “Leona Helmsley” approach to taxation-“only the little people pay taxes” and the Grover Norquest belief that no tax is a good tax unless it applies only to the middle class masses of the state. Jindal’s actions as governor with respect to education and health care makes one appreciate and realize why features such as civil service and teacher tenure were initially created and maintained. The sooner Jindal is out of office the better for Louisiana. Unfortunately for the citizens of Louisiana, the state will suffer long after he is gone.


  2. Fredster says:

    It’s great to see that Stephanie has a place at The Advocate now. I’ve missed her since she was let go at the T.P.


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