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The Effort To Save The Mythical Bobby Jindal Presidency

By all accounts, the permanent presidential campaign of one Piyush “Bobby” Jindal has not been going well, to say the least.From the TP With sinking approval approval ratings, and several bad openings on the national stage, the only folks still riding Jindal’s circus train are the demented right-wing weirdos that worry about fluorinated water corrupting their essence.

Now, that will get you into a presidential field. Just ask Rick Santorum or Tom Tancredo. But if your aspirations are more than a freakish sideshow in Iowa or a gig screaming at the Fox News cameras, it’s sort of a career dead end. And Bobby Jindal is not one subjugate his ambitions.

Enter the pope of LA Politics, John Maginnis:

Jindal’s lap around the state, coupled with his breast-beating call to arms to the conservative corps, seems the prelude to his next great political quest. My guess is the governor is preparing himself to run against Sen. Mary Landrieu next year. Not necessarily because he wants to, but because he has to. Opposing Landrieu may be essential to not only furthering his national ambition but also remaining relevant in state politics in years to come.

Assessing his situation, Jindal may realize that his presidential prospects for 2016 are less than stellar, but, in future years, still hopeful. The Senate would give him a political life while he waits for his time to come.

And with this clarion call, from the well-sourced dean of political trendsetters in Louisiana, the Jindal for Senate campaign begins. Yes, Louisiana should elect Jindal so he can waste more time, now as one of our two US Senators, running for president. A cynical commitment to ambition that could only be matched by some of the great demagogues.

But in terms of his race against Mary Landrieu? WE CAN’T WAIT.

Bobby Jindal’s tenure as Governor is rich (and getting richer) with hypocrisy, cronyism, monstrously unpopular decisions and overreaches. His 38% approval is only the beginning. Compared to moderate Congressman Bill Cassidy (who is backed by David Vitter), Jindal might be the rightwing candidate. But he also might be the most damaged political candidate to run since Edwin Edwards or David Duke. Jindal has been raked over the coals with vigor by fiscal hawks, the black caucus and the reinvigorated Louisiana Democratic Party.

In the words of George W. Bush, “Bring it on.”


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