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The Arc of the LA GOP: Duke to Guillory

State Senator Guillory has been receiving a modicum of attention recently. He’s basking in the glow of his silly, fact-less rants about how he “left” the Democratic party because it’s too liberal. In fact, he recently even opined on the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act execution, saying:

“”It’s a shot across our bow. It’s a reminder to the black community that voting rights carry some serious responsibilities. Even voting at 10, 15 percent, 20, 30 percent in elections. Staying home. Barbecuing. Going to the hairdresser.”

As usual, Guillory lives up to his new Republican self by being completely wrong on the facts. Black turnout actually almost eclipsed White turnout in Louisiana in 2008 and 2012. But we digress.

Tellingly, no one is happier about this than the LaGOP, who now have a “hey we have a black friend” argument as to why they’re not the intolerant race-baiters in the room. They’ve absurdly beat this drum for a week or two. And we hope they keep it up.

Luckily, the internet never forgets. And while State Senator Guillory (who, by the way, thinks witch doctoring should be taught alongside biology) has released his hilarious treatise on why he’s a changed back to being a Republican (again), we thought we’d check the history books.

You see, not too long ago, Louisiana actually had a certified racist on the ballot. And when he ran, he ran as a Republican. This wasn’t centuries ago. This was only 20 years ago. While some Republicans tried to stop Duke in the ’90 campaign for Senate, and surely the ’91 campaign for Governor, let’s be perfectly clear: White Louisiana voters in both elections broke decidedly for Duke, and Republicans overwhelmingly so. 

While Guillory cites Frederick Douglas as his GOP predecessor, I wonder how he feels about his much more recent predecessor, an avowed Nazi David Duke.

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