UPDATE: GOP Rep Confirms Backroom Deal Clears Field for Riser in LA-5


Rep. Jay Morris (R-Monroe) confirms it:  Jindal, Alexander conspired ‘to rig’ election

“It looks like they tried to rig this election,” said Morris, R-Monroe

Original Story:

Congressman Rodney Alexander’s early week announcement that he was retiring came as a shock to more than one observer of the homo politicus of Louisiana. Upon further examination, however, Alexander’s resignation is actually a precisely choreographed dance most likely directed by Gov. Jindal’s political operation, including cult leader Timmy Teepell.

Alexander threw a ton of shade at DC’s uselessness and the freak show theatrics brought on by the latest tea bag wave. While shunning Washington politics in his exit, Alexander was part of a transparent ploy to engineer his replacement, casting doubt on the earnestness of his disgust with politics. In fact, the plan hatched by Jindal’s cronies is nothing but party-before-people politics. The kind of backroom dealing that Jindal promised to eradicate during his tenure.

Prior to his “surprise” announcement, Alexander’s intentions were clearly well-known in the Governor’s political circles.

The preparation to, first, install Alexander to the plum (and just-so-happened-to-be-held-open) position as Secretary of Veterans Affairs came far before this week’s announcement.Telegraphing this move made it clear that stocking the shelves of the JIndal admin with washed up pols is a-ok in Bobby’s world. Hackery be damned.

Second, Jindal pal Senator Neil Riser (wingnut gun rights activist that he is) had the entire GOP field cleared and announced his campaign in the same articles reporting on Alexander’s plans to resign. How did this happen? Well, it certainly wasn’t just Neil Riser working the phones. Jindal allies like Senator Walsworth and Congressman Fleming all participated in the GOP coronation of Senator Riser, endorsing him right away.

Once Alexander caught his big fish of a golden parachute, he was happy to turn over the reigns of the seat to Jindal lapdog Neil Riser. Without a thought, Alexander and Jindal decided that setting a short, 2 month campaign for Riser would be much preferable to an open seat in the fall of 2014. With Mary Landrieu on the ballot, it sure would be nice for the Democrats to have a strong-running candidate for an open seat in a district that was drawn for the specific politics of the former Democrat Alexander.

Hope you didn’t want that type of honest process. because the fix is in on this one.


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