LSU releases LSUMC-BRF CEA: terms leave State on financial hook, claims immunity from legal challenges


Louisiana Voice

Those blank pages in the LSU Medical Center/E.A. Conway Medical Center contract for the takeover of the two facilities by a Shreveport research foundation have finally been filled in but questions nevertheless remain as to the validity of the document.

The one thing it does do with near certainty is to guarantee lots of legal work for attorneys down the road when the disagreements begin—as they almost assuredly will because of both the wording and issues over whether there even is a contract.

It also would appear to transfer both hospitals’ accounts receivable—potentially tens of millions of dollars—to BRF, as the agreement stipulates that LSU shall transfer “all assets” to lessee.

The contract, officially entitled Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) by and among Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana (BRF), BRF Hospital Holdings (BRFHH), Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State university, the State of Louisiana through the Division of Administration (DOA) and…

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