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Why Jindal Is So Reluctant To Make Big Oil Pay

Mark Mosley over at The Lens NOLA writes a nice little summation of why Bobby Swindal is desperate to kill the lawsuit filed by the SE Flood Board against Big Oil:

Does the flag of Texaco still fly over the Louisiana State Capitol? That’s the question writer John Barry posed to Lens readers recently. Barry is the vice chairman of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, which is suing oil, gas and pipeline companies for accelerating the erosion of our coast.

In every meaningful sense the answer, of course, is yes. The state’s dominant industry is oil and gas, and energy barons still fund the candidates and call the shots. If they are crossed in the slightest, they wail like stuck pigs and invoke the specter of job losses. Large media outlets and the business community are always quick to join the chorus.

While Big Oil doesn’t have a physical banner that ripples atop the capitol, that’s merely a matter of discretion. State leaders have already pledged their allegiance to the pursuit of “black gold,” because it’s one of the unspoken requisites for obtaining higher office in these parts. A candidate who stirs trouble for oil interests is framed as a wild-eyed populist who misunderstands business. If she should make a runoff in an important race, she will doubtless meet a well-funded, “sensible” opponent who collects all the endorsements.

Meanwhile the bottom third of our state continues to vanish.

Read it all here.


One comment on “Why Jindal Is So Reluctant To Make Big Oil Pay

  1. Reblogged this on Mining Awareness Plus and commented:
    Note that when the terms of John Barry and two other board members of the SLFPAE [Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East] expired earlier this month, Governor Bobby Jindal replaced them “with appointees who promised to try to get the board to kill the suit.” See also: http:/​/​ Please also see all of our other related reblogs. They are especially important as Governor Jindal postures himself to move from being a Louisiana problem to being a National and by extension an International problem. Bienvenue en Louisiane…oh, no, whoops that was Edwin Edwards, now with Jindal it must be “svāgata”, Hindi (according to google) for “welcome” to Louisiana. Besides oil dollars have no country.


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