The Miseducation of Bobby Jindal: School Vouchers and Discrimination (Part II)

Cenlamar offers us Part deux of his opus on Jindal’s #vouchergate.



Yesterday, I wrote about the ways in which Governor Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White have attempted to dupe the public and national Congressional Republican leaders on the realities and the success of Louisiana’s controversial school voucher program. Almost immediately after the Department of Justice filed a motion seeking to suspend the program in certain school districts still under federal desegregation orders, Governor Jindal accused officials in the Justice Department and the Obama administration of conspiring to prevent African-American children from accessing a “better education.” As I pointed out yesterday, the simple truth is that Jindal’s school voucher program is actually comprised, almost entirely, of unaccountable and unregulated private schools that perform significantly worse than their counterparts in the public school system, and the notion that this program somehow provides opportunities for a “better education” is nothing more than dishonest propaganda. Setting aside the merits of…

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