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Louisiana’s Dumbest Congressman Says Debt Ceiling No Big Deal

Louisiana Congressman John Fleming is making national news again. Fleming has a habit of opening his mouth and removing any doubt that he is an ignorant clown. 

It was just last year that Fleming melted down on the internet over an “abortionplex” in North Louisiana. Of course, this “news” was reported in The Onion, a satirical ‘zine that makes little effort to obscure its comedic intention. Fleming, unfortunately, didn’t get the joke, and issued a matter-of-fact indictment of planned parenthood as (obviously) providing “abortion by the wholesale” over at the “abortionplex.” That’s your 4th District Congressman, Louisiana!

This week, Fleming has vaulted himself onto the national stage again, offering his sound economic mind to the debt ceiling crisis:

“Economists, what have they been doing?” the three-term congressman said in the New York Times on Friday. “They make all sorts of predictions.”

Many times they’re wrong, so I don’t think we should run government based on economists’ predictions,” Fleming added.

So there you have it, folks. Dismiss the experts! Let’s let geniuses like John Fleming run government. With his sharp mind, and flawless logic, we don’t need any smartie-pants economists around telling us what to do!


7 comments on “Louisiana’s Dumbest Congressman Says Debt Ceiling No Big Deal

  1. Fredster says:

    Ah yes, John Fleming, the Subway restaurant king who can’t live on $400,000 a year.


  2. John Toliver says:

    We here in District 4 are well aware of Mr. Fleming’s lack of common sense and limited ability to determine what is best for we the people of LA and the U.S. I don’t think he is ignorant, but he is “obsessed” with doing everything he can to eliminate the Affordable Care act or in his mind Obamacare. He detests anything that our President Obama does or says. If it has Obama attached to it, he is blinded to anything else. We do not need arrogant Congressmen who are obsessed to the point that they are not competent to do their job in Washington, but that is what we have in John Fleming. I cannot call him Representative Fleming because he does not represent me.


  3. charmaine mceachern says:

    I also live in the 4th Congressional District, and I am also not represented by John Fleming, anyone who is so blinded by hate, of the president of the U.S. and the political party he represents, is useless…..he is taking up space, and air…….Congressman Fleming bans/blocks his constituents who oppose him, from his/our official FaceBook page, only allowing his most ardent followers, from all over the country to post some of the most vitriolic comments…..he is indeed an embarrassment.


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