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Bill Cassidy: Electoral X-Man And Total Joke

It’s a rough couple weeks for Louisiana’s idiotic Republican delegation. LA01 GOP Rep, and Republican Study Chair, Steve “Crazy Eyes” Scalise had his “Obamacare replacement” legislation spiked faster than a primetime show starring a non-Jerrry member of the Seinfeld cast.cassidysaddam1

Next, Louisiana dumbest GOP Congressman John “the ‘Dr.’ stands for “durrr”” Fleming had not only one, but two massively stupid commentaries on contemporary events (including comparing defunding the ACA to battling “slavery”).

Now, old Doc Bill “mumbles” Cassidy gets eaten alive by his own clueless rhetoric. In his latest attempt to appeal to the wingnut demographic he so desperately covets (and who can see right through his pandering), Cassidy has twisted himself in knots.

WATCH HERE: The Daily Show’s John Oliver issues an amazing take down of Cassidy’s 101-proof stupid here. reports on it:

He presented a letter signed by 80 House Republicans, including Cassidy, a Baton Rouge Republican, suggesting long before the current crisis that the GOP leadership use the spending bill needed to keep the government open to press the GOP’s goal of stopping the Affordable Care Act.The show’s John Oliver chose to make an example of Cassidy, whose sixth district, he noted, was redrawn to make it more heavily white, leaving him, like so many Republicans leading the effort to defund or delay Obamacare, virtually untouchable by a Democratic opponent. Republicans like Cassidy, he said, don’t have to worry about voter anger over the government shutdown because they represent safe GOP seats.


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