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Louisiana’s Dumbest Congressman Strikes Again!

What a week for LA04 Rep. John Fleming. First he said the debt ceiling was no big deal because economists are sometimes wrong. Then came this:

Yesterday, [Fleming] appeared on the Rusty Humphries radio show to discuss the shut down, and was welcomed to the program with a call from a listener, Nick. Nick had a question. Wasn’t the Republican effort to fight “slavery and segregation” in the past akin to the Republican effort against Obamacare today? The caller asked if Republicans are fighting for a similar “moral victory” against healthcare reform that was eventually achieved against slavery.

Fleming responded, “I think your caller is precisely correct.” The congressman went on to list his party’s demands.

That’s right. Fleming thinks denying people health insurance via the ACA is akin to battling slavery. No. words.


4 comments on “Louisiana’s Dumbest Congressman Strikes Again!

  1. Sid says:

    You are evidently still drinking that mushroom tea. Egads, Cassidy wants to deny someone heathcare. This whole debacle is about destroying healthcare to make sure everybody has health insurance. The system needed fixing, but this major overhaul of government mandated regulations will in fact destroy the greatest healthcare in the world. If you go to MD Anderson in Houston you will see people from all over the world there. Once your dear leaders Obamacare takes over we’ll be stuck in a Canadian like system that doesn’t work. MD Anderson will have people from all over the world and few Americans.


    1. yellerkitty says:

      Yikes! Talk about drinking the TEA! I’m fascinated by your ‘insights’, Sid, and can only wonder out of which right-wing spigot they flowed. Please elucidate!


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