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LAGOP Congressional Trainwreck Continues

We’re about this close to creating a tumblr on the GOP delegation from Louisiana. Every day is more hilarious than the last. 

Today’s topic #1:

Louisiana’s dumbest Congressman hits another one out of the park today. If he isn’t agreeing that Obamacare is worse than slavery, or mistakenly believing stories on “Abortionplexs” in The Onion, or ironically scoffing at economists’ grasp of the economic consequences of government default, he’s doing this:

Rep. Fleming gets attention for calling Obamacare ‘most dangerous law ever passed by Congress

Yes, just read this please:

Rep. John Fleming, R-Minden, is generating lots of media attention with his harsh criticism of the Affordable Care Act, including a statement calling it the most dangerous law ever passed by Congress.

The comment drew a direct rebuke from the president and a question from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer whether Fleming had considered an old law authorizing slavery in his evaluation of the most dangerous laws ever.

For the record Fleming stands behind his statement that the law will have “terrible consequences for millions of Americans,” though he told Blitzer on CNN he isn’t drawing comparisons with archaic laws like (slavery) that are no longer in effect.”

President Obama suggests Rep. Fleming might be exaggerating a little:

“One congressman said that Obamacare is ‘the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed.’ Ever,” he said to laughter from his audience. “In the history of America, this is the most dangerous piece of legislation. Creating a marketplace so people can buy group insurance plans — the most dangerous ever.

But mocking clowns like Fleming probably won’t stop his ridiculous yarns. Even GOP Rep Charles Boustany is fed up:

In a sign of the internal backlash against the right wing of the House Republican Conference, Louisiana Republican Charles Boustany questioned the political allegiances and motivations of his tea party-aligned colleagues and said they had put the GOP majority at risk in the current shutdown fight.

“There are members with a different agenda,” Boustany said Wednesday in an interview in his office. “And I’m not sure they’re Republicans and I’m not sure they’re conservative.”

Today’s #2: But just when you think Fleming could take the cake for the LAGOP faceplant of the week, we get Doc “Mumbles” Cassidy’s trainwreck of a Senate race:

His latest fundraising quarter was below expectations, falling well behind his prior quarter, and he continues to lag behind Landrieu’s pace.

Cassidy’s campaign said he brought in $700,000 from July through Sept. 30 and has more than $3.4 million in bank, compared to Landrieu’s $1.4 million haul in that same timeframe and $5.8 million in her campaign account.

Meanwhile, the congressman’s trying to fight off attacks from the right and the ever-present whispers that he’s just not the right candidate to beat Landrieu, who’s in her third term despite assessments each election cycle that she’s vulnerable to ouster.

One Republican state representative is considering jumping into the Senate race, while another GOP state senator keeps letting speculation linger that he’s eyeing the seat as well.

Oh, and the Kamakaze Caucus is coming for him. The Senate Conservatives Fund, a Tea Party SuperPac (FREEDOM!) is backing Rob Maness over Cassidy:

The Senate Conservatives Fund, a group that has been wading more deeply into Republican primaries lately, on Monday added retired U.S. Air Force Col. Rob Maness (R) of Louisiana to the roster of candidates it is backing.

“Colonel Rob Maness is a constitutional conservative with a remarkable record of service to our country,” Senate Conservatives Fund Executive Director Matt Hoskins said in a statement. “He understands the value of our freedoms and will fight to repeal Obamacare and stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are bankrupting our country.

Started by Jim DeMint during his days as a South Carolina senator, the group has often butted heads with establishment Republicans with whom it has been at odds in some Senate races over the years.

Oh, and legal cheat Elbert Guillory is still considering the race. LAGOP doing a great job! A fine week for the delegation, all around.

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