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Bobby Jindal In Louisiana For Almost 10 Months During Last Year!

Newsflash: YOUR EYES ARE NOT DECEIVING YOU! Bobby Jindal WAS in Louisiana some of last year. Surely, not all of the last year, as he spent copious time gallivanting around the nation on his endless presidential campaign that he is assuredly NOT running. In fact, anyone who would even consider running for President at this point should “get his head checked.” But we digress.

It turns out, the Associated Press (LAMESTREAM MEDIA THAT THEY ARE) did something called “research,” and what they found was fascinating if not obvious:

When Gov. Bobby Jindal was named leader of the Republican Governors Association, he said it wouldn’t take his focus away from running his home state. But an Associated Press tally shows that it’s definitely taken him away from home.

During his term as RGA chairman, Jindal has regularly left Louisiana this year for campaigns, fundraisers and speeches.

The AP review — based on announcements the governor’s office made about his travel schedule — shows that Jindal, considered a possible presidential candidate in 2016, has traveled out of state at least 69 days this year, much of it to meet with RGA donors, fundraise for the organization and work on strategy for Republican gubernatorial races.

The governor was on the road and away from Louisiana at least 1 out of every 5 days of the year so far, AP found, using the information provided to the media by Jindal’s office when he leaves the state.


This is a real website.

1/5 is like 20% or something, according to Louisiana public school math. That still leaves him 80% of his time to muck around Louisiana, causing trouble and blowing up health care. You know, like paying millions to state contractors for private health care for dead people

The charade is up: Bobby Jindal doesn’t want to be in Louisiana anymore. He hasn’t had any use for the state except to rack up crazy points with the Iowa caucus goers from his legislative agenda. And seeing as how that high-water mark has passed, he probably won’t be seeing a compliant legislature anymore (see, for example, his tax scheme last year that ended in an epic face plant).


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