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Who Is The “TEA” Party Of Louisiana

Blogger and rabble rouser extraordinaire CB Forgotston has landed in an interesting place.  Bobby Jindal’s candidate for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District, Neil Riser, advertised that he was the choice of the “TEA Party of Louisiana.” After the thrashing Riser took over the weekend, there are probably many recriminations in the Jindal camp over this latest disaster. Forgotston has dredged up one trivial, but perhaps intriguing, nugget regarding Riser’s astroturf campaign:

If you followed the recent special election for the LA 5th Congressional District you probably read and heard in the state and national paid media that Neil Riser had the endorsement of “The TEA Party of Louisiana.”

If you are as naive as I am, you probably took that to mean that an “umbrella” group of the various TEA Party chapters in LA had come together behind Riser.

Then I began hearing members of local TEA Parties say that Riser had refused to come to various meetings of the groups in the 5th District. Riser’s opponent, now Congressman-Elect Vance McAllister did attend the meeting and had their support.

One day a fellow contacted me claiming to be a member of the TEA Party who was upset that he was getting calls from “The TEA Party of Louisiana” supporting Riser. He said if they didn’t stop calling he was going to quit the TEA Party because he supported McAllister.

So what is going on here? To the untrained eye, the “TEA Party” support would be critical in this ultra-conservative district. Yet, the winner of the contest, newly-minted Congressman Vance Mcallister, supported the Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare. Riser’s consultants tried to smash him with that. Instead, Riser was smashed. What’s going on here? Forgotston has more:

There’s more

I did a Google search for “The TEA Party of Louisiana.” I turned up a “TEA Party of Louisiana.” It even has a website (here) where they endorsed Neil Riser for the 5thCongressional District.

The website accepts donations via the Internet, but provides no physical location, mailing address or names of the officers.

Next, I checked with the LA Secretary of State’s Website to get more information on the group. There was no “TEA Party of Louisiana” registered.

The closest name I could find was “LOUISIANA TEA PARTY, L.L.C” in Baton Rouge.   The mailing address is: C/O CECIL CAVANAUGH, 10165 GRANDEUR, BATON ROUGE, LA 70815

However, this group is listed as “Inactive” by “Action by Secretary of State.

Who endorsed Riser?

This leaves me with the questions of, other than a website, what or who is the “TEA Party of Louisiana” that endorsed Neil Riser? Who paid for the calls or other activities on Riser’s behalf in the 5th District?

Read the whole thing here.

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