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BREAKING: From Failure To Failure; Vouchergate rolls on

Horrible news for Louisiana children as Jindal uses a dead news day before Thanksgiving to dump a load of terrible voucher school results  (and potentially just the tip of the iceberg, as DoE hasn’t released all the stats yet).

According to the TP, up to 50% of children attending voucher schools are moving from a failing public school to… a failing voucher school:

At least 45 percent of students in Louisiana’s controversial voucher program last year attended schools with performance scores in the D to F range of the state’s grading scale, according to data the state released Wednesday.

The full impact of the program cannot be assessed, however, because the state released scores only for one-fifth of the 118 schools in the program. The schools for which data was provided served 2,888 of the nearly 5,000 students who used vouchers last year. 

And it gets worse. Vouchergate continues to spiral out of control, blowing millions of tax dollars on horrible private schools that don’t help kids succeed:

The limited data raises questions about how the high-profile program can be held accountable to taxpayers. Voucher schools are only lightly vetted on the front end, with state Superintendent John White promising in 2012 that he would hold schools accountable based on academic results. The average voucher costs $5,245, meaning possibly $11 million in state dollars went to schools with no publicly released accountability score.

The state released the scores in a report Wednesday, several days after a federal judge ruled the U.S. Department of Justice had the right to monitor the program to ensure it does not worsen racial segregation. In the political fight over the case, Gov. Bobby Jindal has said vouchers gave underprivileged children a shot at a better education.

Bobby Jindal’s experiments on Louisiana have spawned a Frankenstein monster of calamities. From burning down Higher Education in Louisiana to crushing public hospitals, to a completely broken budget, to vouchergate; the Jindal administration continues to pile on failures. 

More soon. 


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