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Fainting spells were reported across the Gret Stet today as rumors of a final decision on the Canal Street John on his entry into the Governor race in 2015. According to the world’s greatest hotel doormat, USA TODAY (we KID!):

Sen. David Vitter says he’ll decide by January whether to run for governor of Louisiana in 2015.

The Republican senator, elected in 2004, told the Associated Press that he’ll send out an e-mail Wednesday to let supporters know of his interest in the 2015 race. Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican often mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, cannot run again because of term limits.

“This is the logical time to do it, if I’m ever going to do it,” Vitter told the AP.

Vitter is one of the more popular politicians in Louisiana, with a job-approval rating of over 58% in a recent Southern Media & Opinion Research poll. He has attracted headlines in the past few months for his fight against President Obama’s health care law, saying he wants to make sure that members of Congress and their staffs don’t get special treatment.

Vitter has rebounded from a 2007 scandal in which his phone number was found among a client list of the so-called D.C. Madam. He apologized for what he called a “very serious sin.”

The good news for the Sinator? The whore scandal that would have brought down any human candidate (for the Sinator is not a human, but a cold-blooded reptilian humanoid, of course) is now in the 4th ‘graph of his mini-bio! That’s progress!!

Still, what David Vitter lacks in a pulse, he more than makes up for in his dastardly, almost evil genius-like, ability to concoct crafty, laser-focused political coups against his enemies. In the Game of Thrones that is Louisiana politics, Vitter is the vicious, deadly, and ruthless Little Finger. Scorned by many, with a sordid past, but willing to do what it takes to destroy those in his way. 

Recall, as well, that David Vitter has a SuperPAC roving out there. He was a “SPECIAL GUEST” at the latest gator round-up in the spring, and if that’s any indication, he’s already begun to think about 2015 more seriously than he’s letting on. People don’t just go skirting campaign finance laws to raise money for a SuperPAC that purportedly isn’t “supporting David Vitter directly,” but so obviously is unless they have something big in mind.

We postulated all the way back in February that the only candidate we see that can beat the Sinator is Mayor Mitchell Landrieu. We went as far to endorse him and we re-up that endorsement. Mitch Landrieu for Governor, 2015. Period.

Recent polling has been inconclusive. We’re still too far away from the campaign. But Mayor Mitch is definitely a force to be dealt with for the Sinator.

In a PPP poll taken just this past August, Mitch lined up well:

The Landrieu family name might be the best thing Democrats in Louisiana have going for them. Looking ahead to the 2015 race for Governor, Mitch Landrieu has an early lead over both of the high profile Republicans we tested against him in hypothetical match ups. He’s up 45/42 on Senator David Vitter and 45/35 on Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne.

Our Mitch for Gov Logo

Yes, we made this. Yes, you may use it.

Landrieu has very strong statewide favorability numbers- 44% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of him to just 24% with a negative one. His popularity with Democrats is predictable but even among Republicans he comes close to breaking even with a 30/31 favorability spread. He leads the two GOP hopefuls because like his sister he pulls 20-23% of the Republican vote in the head to heads.

Landrieu has about $1.6m on hand for a walkover Mayoral relection coming this February. We haven’t heard of any real competition, but someone from New Orleans will update on that for sure. If he spends lightly, he’ll be well-positioned to have a top 5 warchest for the 2015 race even before he announces his intentions.

Still, everyone waiting to exhale only has to wait one (!!!!!) more month to hear what the Sinator is going to do. Winter is coming.


2 comments on “WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH: Gov. Vitter?

  1. Fredster says:

    I’m always amazed at the amount of support, popularity or whatever that Vitter has when polls are conducted. Astounded might be a better word for it.


  2. Ray Pearl says:

    Obama will be gone so maybe all of the RACISTS & the BIGOTS will realize he was only re-elected as a VOTE against Pres. Obama!
    OMG we need to get the Republicans out of office in Louisiana!
    I heard General Honore might run for governor.
    Shame on all the stupid FOX/RUSH fans that can’t think for themselves & vote for incompetent, religious fanatic government officials!


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