Who Is The Fund For Louisiana’s Future: Part Deux

Last week, we took a swipe at trying to ascertain what it was that the “Fund for Louisiana’s Future” was truly about. We took a gander at a limited breadth of public records and found a few things out. For example, we explored the Louisiana-based address listed for the fund. And we further perused the owner of said home, speculating on what Mr. Callihan had to do with VitterPAC.

It turns out, Tom Aswell over at the Louisiana Voice did a little more digging and connected a few dots:

But The Daily Kingfish noted that while Spies is the mover and shaker behind the effort to remove the state’s contribution cap, the Louisiana address for FFL is 6048 Marshall Foch Street in the Lakeview area of New Orleans.

That’s the address at the bottom of FFL’s web page and it just happens to be the home of Bill Callihan, a director at Capital One Bank.

Okay, nothing wrong with this picture so far.

Vitter is prohibited by federal election rules from coordinating for the Super PAC and does not personally participate in fundraising activities.

Again, nothing wrong so far.

FFL has scheduled its Louisiana Bayou Weekend for Sept. 5-7, 2014 with Vitter as “special guest.” Invitees will have the opportunity to participate in Cajun cooking, an airboat swamp tour and an alligator hunt.

While Vitter can appear at the Super PAC event, he is prohibited from soliciting contributions.

And this is where the picture becomes somewhat muddled.

Courtney Guastella Callihan—Callihan’s wife—is listed on invitations as the contact person for the Bayou Weekend.

She also served as Vitter’s campaign financial director, a dual role that blurs the distinction between her function with the Super PAC and Vitter’s Senate campaign.

So, that explains that. Callihan isn’t the Vitter connection, so much as his wife is. And the Voice takes it a step or two further:

So the question now becomes is Courtney Callihan on the payroll of both Vitter’s Senate campaign committee and FFL?

If so, that could conceivably bring real legal problems with the FEC.

Worth watching. Vitter’s dalliances with campaign finance laws might be invisible to most voters now, but a wiley opponent might be motivated to attach himself to this very Washington, DC operation and punish Vitter for this potential serious campaign finance sin.


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