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Jindal’s Gold Standard of Government Incompetence

Item! “State Voucher Defense Costs Increase by $750k.” Yes, the collapse of Jindal’s voucher scheme seems more likely by the day, but the rearguard battle rolls on. It turns out that Vouchers are so illegal, the continuing legal expenses are mounting. Hence, the Jindal admin now needs more cash to defend it’s illegal laws. Victory! Believe in litigation

Item! “Jindal Meets Joe Friday.” John Maginnis spends some time unpacking the latest series of bad audits for state government, concluding:

 Over the past year, a steady stream of audits from that office has laid the wood to the Jindal administration over waste, inefficiency and clear neglect of duty. Reports have shown prisoners receiving food stamps, Medicaid premiums paid for dead people, millions of dollars in severance taxes gone uncollected, lack of oversight of schools receiving voucher payments and a wide disparity in property tax assessments reviewed by the state tax commission. In most cases, the response of the administration has been to grin and bear it, to largely agree with audit findings and announce corrective actions.

…As a result, the recent flow of critical audits has blown holes in the Jindal narrative of his cost-conscious, results-oriented management. The audits point not to corruption but rather to an administration, whether not having adequate resources or not best using what it has, often struggling with, ignoring or botching regular functions of state government.

So, what does Jindal do? He hires an “efficiency expert” to try to save money…spending $4m in the process:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration is paying an outside contractor $4 million to help it find ways to make state government more efficient. The governor’s top budget adviser, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols, announced the contract award Friday, saying the consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal has been chosen to do the work.

We’ve got a plan: how about you cut vouchers and the efficiency experts? Millions in Savings!

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