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Mitch Landrieu Bests David Vitter In Latest LAGOV Poll

POLLS! With only 585 days until the Louisiana Gubernatorial primary, let’s go ahead and speculate!Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.12.55 PM

Sure, we have at least two candidates that have actually declared their intention to run. But several others are circling, and so their names will be thrown into the hat for consideration by the pollsters and prognosticators. LaPolitics reports on such a speculative affair by Louisiana State Medical Society and PhRMA (big doc and big drugs). LET’S GO TO THE TOPLINES:

Our Mitch for Gov Logo

Yes, we made this. Yes, you may use it.

— Landrieu, 33 percent
— Vitter, 25 percent
— Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, 11 percent
— Treasurer John Kennedy, 9 percent
—State Rep. John Bel Edwards, so far the only major Democrat declared for the race, 8 percent.

And there you have it. Mitch Landrieu is out-polling David Vitter in this mock jungle primary. Yes, that’s worthy of a little bit of a “interesting,” even this many days out. With his sister on the ballot (and looking like she’ll be in a very tough race), Mitch Landrieu seems unaffected by those headwinds and benefits from a decisive victory in the New Orleans Mayor’s race. More from the poll:

f the election for US Senate were held today, and the choice was between (ROTATE) Bill Cassidy, the Republican candidate and Mary Landrieu, the Democratic candidate, who would you vote for?

Mary Landrieu 45- Bill Cassidy 44 [tightening from 53-39 in January]

In the race for Attorney General 2 Republicans may run, but no Democrats have announced yet. In this election would you vote for (ROTATE: Jeff Landry, a Republican candidate, Buddy Caldwell, a Republican candidate), (ALWAYS LAST:) or would you vote for the Democratic candidate?

Jeff Landry, the Republican 15
Buddy Caldwell, the Republican 23
Generic Democrat 33
That AG’s race is VERY interesting for a Democrat. That’s an automatic entry of a Democrat into a run-off, which would certainly stir things up. More to come on this one…


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