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Greetings From New Orleans

My name is Peter Athas and I have been blogging out of New Orleans as Adrastos since 2005. Yup, that’s right after the Federal Flood. I currently contribute to Humid City and am one of the primary bloggers at the best little liberal blog in America, First Draft.

I am delighted to be invited to do my thing here at the Daily Kingfish. For those of you who have no idea who I am or what my thing is, I am essentially a satirist. I enjoy poking a stick at the powerful, pompous, and humorless. That is one of many reasons that I follow Louisiana politics so closely. If you don’t see it as a comedy, it will drive you insane. In short, I make my points through humor, and hopefully you’ll laugh, but if you don’t I’ll throw more shit up against the wall and see how much of it sticks.

I am a transplanted Louisianian. My first wife was from Alexandria and we moved here so she could attend LSU Law School. She was from a politically active family: the late great Congressman Gillis Long was a close family friend. I got to know Mr. Long very well, and learned a lot about Gret Stet politics from him. He was one of the last populist/progressive pols to thrive outside of the state’s bluer areas. He liked to say that the secret of his political success was constituent service,  doing the right thing, and getting stuff done without caring about who got the credit. A stark contrast to the craven pandering of our current Governor who I *always* call PBJ.

I graduated from LSU with a degree in history, moved to New Orleans, and got a JD  at Tulane Law School. I wasn’t cut out for the law. So, I have focused some of my time and energy on civic activism and trying to make my adopted hometown a better place. The results have been mixed, but I was one of the founders of the Rising Tide Conference, which is still afloat as of this writing.

Things are about to get interesting in Gret Stet politics as the weasely and dull incumbent Governor fades from the scene. I hear he spends a lot of time boring people in Iowa and New Hampshire these days. The odds of PBJ getting the GOP nomination are purt near nil but he could wiggle his way into the second slot on the ticket. He’s an annoying little pest and that may happen just to shut him up.

I plan to spend some of my time here writing about New Orleans politics and how it affects the state. We just had a rather interesting municipal election, which I’ll get to at some point soon. I have somewhat mixed feelings about Mitch Landrieu as Mayor BUT would love to see him run for Governor. He’s the only Democrat who has a shot at keeping Bitter Vitter out of the Governor’s mansion.

Here’s one more thing that might be of interest to y’all. I am a member of the Spank sub-krewe of Krewe du Vieux. We are the first parade of the Carnival season and the only substantial group to march through the Marigny and Quarter. And satire is our game. My original sub-krewe PAN celebrated Louisiana’s colorful history of competent corruption with this theme in 2007:

PAN poster 07

This year Spank commented on the gentrification of New Orleans with this theme:

Dizneylandrieu Map 1

Dizneylandrieu Map2

Btw, I gave one of the maps to Dizneylandrieu to Mitch’s CAO Andy (Zack’s Dad) Kopplin at the Thoth parade and he thought it was hilarious. Good to know that the Mayor’s people have a sense of humor.

Okay, now that I’ve waxed nostalgic, check out my post on the Edwards Congressional candidacy at First Draft.

I’m pleased to be joining the Daily Kingfish team and am ready, willing, and able to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted or something like that.

That is all.



One comment on “Greetings From New Orleans

  1. Fredster says:

    I look forward to reading your posts here!


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