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Patriotism Measured By The Dollar

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Sinator David Vitter has nominated the Koch brothers as “most patriotic Americans ever.” A regular pair of George Washingtons, the Koch’s are basically waging war against Democrats all over the country, literally pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into “social welfare” and other IRS-protected groups which in turn air false and misleading ads. You can watch Vitter sing their praises here:

We’ll be carving the Kochs into Mt. Rushmore any day now, we assure you. 

In a related, but somewhat separate note, David Vitter’s SuperPac (on which we’ve reported before) has gotten itself in a little hot water. In an attempt to roll out the red carpet for Vitter’s gubernatorial bid, VitterPAC has been challenging the Louisiana PAC contribution limit of $100,000 per entity as “unconstitutional” (CAUSE FREEDOM). Now, the PAC may have pushed too far:

Questions are surfacing about the operations of a super PAC formed by backers of U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La.

Two groups that advocate for campaign finance reform recently asked the Federal Elections Commission to look into the possible solicitation of illegal campaign contributions.

The groups are Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21. The complaint deals with The Fund for Louisiana’s Future, which was formed by Charles Spies, a lawyer from Washington, D.C. The fund is helping Vitter run for governor next year or a re-election bid or both.

Violating campaign laws even BEFORE you begin the campaign in earnest? That’s impressive, even for the Sinator and his pals.


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