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Where’s Your Tea Party Now?

The Louisiana Legislature is poised to take $4 million of your tax dollars away from supporting disabled Louisianians in order to give it to a corporate indycar event at a private racetrack owned by a multi-millionaire. That is not spin:

We’re taking money away from the disabled community and giving it to motor sports?” Claitor asked during the committee meeting.

The answer to your question, Sen. Claitor, is yes,” said Sen. Jack Donahue, R-Mandeville, the committee’s chairman, in response.


After the meeting, Donahue said he was optimistic that more money could be found for services for people with disabilities as the budget advances through the legislative process. Money had to be put toward IndyCar, he said, because Jindal had promised $4.5 million in upgrades to NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale as part of the deal to lure the event to New Orleans.

NOLA Motorsports is owned by Laney Chouest, a multi-millionaire co-owner of Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO). He seems like a fine enough chap, one devoted to building a world class racetrack. Now, of course, he’s done it with his own fortune. Good for him. He even opened it to the public, so normal folks could go racing or go-karting around his prize.

But the idea that we need to pay for $4m in “track improvements” to “lure” a billion-dollar national racing league to New Orleans for a race almost no one cars about, INSTEAD of patching our meager budget for the disabled, is absolutely sick. Just because Jindal “promised” the billionaire owners he’d scoop some tax dollars up for them. Absolutely sick.

This combines the worst of crony-capitalism with the height of heartless Ayn Randism. Government giving money to a massive corporation for a playboy, rich-man’s sport instead of taking care of the disabled. This is your government. This is what they’re doing with your hard-earned dollars they collected in taxes. Blowing it on a private racetrack. You betcha.

Where is your tea party now?


5 comments on “Where’s Your Tea Party Now?

  1. geauxteacher says:

    I’m on your side buddy but laying blame exclusively on the Tea Party for this one is way off base and just plain crude. Unless you have joined those of us, including Tea Party parents, who have testified on behalf of disabled students both in legislative committees and at BESE meetings, I would say a retraction of sorts is due. This education debacle is about children as far as parents are concerned whether we agree with their political ideology or NOT! You should be attacking the corporatist elites from both parties who take no prisoners in their effort to privatize public Ed. That includes Donahue and several other of his Senate Ed Committee friends (Gee I think they are conservatives!) who have hijacked education bills for the children this session.


  2. tls0 says:

    “Where is your tea party now?” Oh, for the good ol’ days…They were so much more honest (and fun!) in 2009, when they described themselves as tea-baggers.


  3. Randy pope says:

    Disabilities in any form is not a political ideology debate. All parties have members having disabilities but the real shame is Legislators of any poltically party affiliation using tax payer money promoting business over the well being of its citizens. Those legislators supporting this have more disabilities and detachments from public service than any citizen having diagnosed disabilities who have more guts in their desire to survive and succeed in lieu of catering to political promises of any governor. When citizens services are trumped by poltical pandering, then we as a society have failed. Those perpetrating this behavior should be ashamed but more importantly should be replaced.


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