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FEBRUARY 28, 2016

I am pleased to take over as publisher of and contributor to The Daily Kingfish. With a rich history of almost a decade of hard-hitting analysis and advocacy, DK offers independent news and analysis of Louisiana politics, policy, and civic leadership from a progressive or “center-left” perspective.

Going forward, each article will be signed by its respective author who will bear sole responsibility for its content (see disclaimer below). In other words, I will no longer publish or allow content by anonymous or pseudonymous writers. However, I will, in the name of posterity, leave all previously-published articles in place (subject to the disclaimer below that none of the previous content shall be attributed to me). You can read about the history of the Daily Kingfish here.

In addition, and importantly, the content published on DK will be original and independent: original in that we will not wholly repurpose/repost content from other sites and independent in that we will not publish any content the purpose of which is to advance an organization’s or individual’s agenda, without plainly stating such purpose.

IMG_1652Thanks for reading!

Matt Bailey
New Orleans, Louisiana

About me: I’m a native of Jena, Louisiana, and a graduate of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches and The George Washington University Law School. I’ve worked in federal and local government, higher education, and non-profit civic organizing and leadership development. I’m doing Daily Kingfish stuff in my free time and on my own behalf.

Contact: E-mail | Twitter | Facebook

Kate Meehan Pedrotty, Shreveport
Editor & Contributor

Born in Baton Rouge and raised in Shreveport, Kate took her role as a Louisiana cultural ambassador very seriously while living as a college and grad school expat in Virginia and Illinois. She came back home to Shreveport in 2008 and has worked in non-profit arts administration and higher ed, moonlighting as a wordsmith whenever possible. She’s a 2016 New Leaders Council Fellow.

MorganMorgan Byrd, Natchitoches
Social Media Intern (Spring 2016)

A Lake Charles native, Morgan is a senior at the Louisiana Scholars College at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches. She’s a double major in liberal arts and hospitality management and tourism (HMT) and is active in Phi Mu and Order of Omega. Morgan will be helping manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts over the course of the spring.

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And for those still reading, here’s our policy on the Oxford comma.


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