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State Rep. Neil Abramson (D- New Orleans) Sabotaged His Colleagues, His Party, and His Governor

Source: State Rep. Neil Abramson (D- New Orleans) Sabotaged His Colleagues, His Party, and His Governor

GOP presidential candidates defend discrimination, not free speech

Source: GOP presidential candidates defend discrimination, not free speech

Bobby Jindal’s Administration Conducts Public’s Business In Private


Four days ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal publicly excoriated Hillary Clinton on Twitter, accusing her of concealing her e-mails from the American public and implying that she had compromised national security by utilizing an e-mail server maintained from her home. “While the American people will never see all of Hillary’s e-mails,” he tweeted, “it is likely the Russians and the Chinese already have them.” Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.58.41 AM

Although Secretary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private e-mail server is regrettable and, to some, even inexcusable, she has already turned over thousands and thousands of e-mails and has committed to releasing a total of least 55,000 in the weeks and months to come.

But Jindal wasn’t finished: The next day, he claimed that Secretary Clinton had “created a major breach of national security” by electing to use a private account and not her government-issued address. “She has already edited the e-mails,” he said, “and has…

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13 reasons why Bobby Jindal is stuck at 1 percent in presidential polls

14. He’s a slimeball.

Screenshot of Gov. Bobby Jindal on ABC's "This Week" on May 31, 2015. Screenshot of Gov. Bobby Jindal on ABC’s “This Week” on May 31, 2015.

By Robert Mann

Month after month, week after week, Gov. Bobby Jindal labors to make himself relevant to the 2016 presidential election. He has not officially announced his campaign (that is apparently coming on June 24 in New Orleans), but his candidacy is no secret. It’s been clear for the past four years that Jindal has had his eyes set on the White House.

Every week, Jindal make some (increasingly) desperate attempt for attention and relevance. Each week, he gives an interview to a national media organization. He’s forever issuing statements attacking Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul — and even Lincoln Chafee. At least once a month, it seems, he pops up on one of the Sunday morning news shows. He stalks the GOP candidate circuit from Iowa to New Hampshire to Washington to Disney World. He’s written…

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Former Louisiana budget director to next governor: ‘You are walking into a fiscal nightmare’

Oh, no biggie!

By Stephen Winham

“Figures don’t lie, but liars figure” – attributed to Mark Twain (and others)

Every day we are bombarded with numbers about our state and its finances. We are told one day there is a $1.6 billion structural deficit in Louisiana’s budget. A few days later, we are led to believe it is all but fixed – just a little tweaking and fiscal legerdemain at the end and we will be okay – for a little while, at least long enough for the governor to move on.

Gov. Bobby Jindal tells us the number of state employees has been reduced by more than 30,000, but we are not told how many of them (the vast bulk) are still being paid by the state via contracts with private companies. Not only that, we can’t find documentation among civil service or other official records to substantiate the 30,000 number itself…

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