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nerd11Are your views generally progressive and/or left-of-center (regardless of party affiliation)?

Would the world – and Louisiana, in particular – be a better place if more people could read your analysis of political issues and get your take on the events that shape our state?

Are you a reasonable, rational human being with excellent grammar and a unique voice?

Then maybe you should be a contributor to The Daily Kingfish. I’m looking for both regular writers (once/week or so) and occasional contributors (once/month or so). My hope is to have a diverse collection of voices and perspectives. Contact me with a statement of your interest and links to a sample or two of your writing. I am especially interested in diverse voices that represent all parts of Louisiana life.

Social Media Internship – Opportunities for Summer and Fall 2016

social-media-ballAre you a constant and consistent (and generally awesome) presence on multiple social media channels around Louisiana political dialogue?

Do you understand the ways media and advocacy outlets use social media to engage audiences?

Can you write clearly and succinctly, work independently, and accept constructive feedback?

Then perhaps you would like to apply for a 3-4 month social media internship with The Daily Kingfish!

If selected, you would have the opportunity to develop and implement a social media engagement plan and evaluate metrics and performance both along the way and at the end of the internship. The unpaid internship would be outcomes-focused rather than hours-based, and I could work with your higher education institution to ensure you could get course credit, if applicable. Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions about this hands-on opportunity.