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Cassidy vs Landrieu: How will their fiscal cliff votes affect the 2014 Louisiana Senate race?

Thanks Prof Mann for setting the 2014 table!

So, Sen. Mary Landrieu voted for the fiscal cliff deal in the Senate. Her likely Republican opponent, Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy, did not.

Northeast Louisiana Rep. Rodney Alexander, a Republican, and New Orleans-Baton Rouge Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Democrat, were the only Louisiana members to support the bipartisan deal in the House.

But it’s the votes of Landrieu and Cassidy that are the most interesting because the fiscal cliff could be an issue in the 2014 Senate race and influence Landrieu’s re-election bid.

In one sense, the votes don’t change the equation at all.  Landrieu is a Democrat and was expected to support the deal. Even her Republican Louisiana counterpart, David Vitter, voted for the plan that raised income taxes on people earning more than $400,000.

And Cassidy, who once had a reputation around Baton Rouge as a fairly moderate Democrat, has firmly repositioned himself…

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