1. Thanks for picking up part of my “politicians as cockroaches” blog. I’m flattered.

    I would ask, however, that when you do quote from my work, please give the appropriate attribution, i.e. I work pretty hard digging up a lot of my information and cultivating sources, so, like anyone else, I would appreciate credit.


    Tom Aswell


  2. I am impressed with your website. Louisiana is once again leads into the abyss! With the demise of the printed Times Picayune, news will now be restricted to those who are literate enough to own and operate a computer. Of course, the fact that we are one of the leaders in illiteracy is just a plus, don’t you think? I will be following your blog. Thank you.


  3. Suporting Obamacare by going to movie Elysium

    Ask your readers to suport Obamacare by going to movie Elysium. This movie is about what will happen if the Affordable Care Act is defunded. Tell your friends and take them with you. We can not let ACA be defunded.


  4. Great analysis of duplicitous maneuvers by our “Gold Standard of Ethics” governor.


  5. has a piece on GenOpp (Generation Opportunity) the originator of the GenOppLA campaign against Senator Landrieu. You can find it at

    An excerpt follows:

    “In 2012, Gen Opp received $5 million from Freedom Partners, a key part of the Koch political apparatus which raised some $256 million for the 2012 election cycle from deep pocketed donors many of whom have donated a million or more to the Koch network. It was almost a year after the election that tax filings first revealed that Freedom Partners had bankrolled almost the entirety of the “grassroots” opposition to “Obamacare.” The group also received over $2 million from TC4 Trust another Koch-tied conduit in 2012. “